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SXP –D Laser Screed Concrete Levelling & Compacting

Laser screed concrete flooring contractors. The Benefits of using a Laser Screed Concrete Levelling & Compacting Machine;

  • Concrete floors laser levelled with extreme accuracy due to the latest technology in laser controlled floor laying
  • The laser screed extends fully with only one movement as opposed to older machines with three extending booms. This helps even further to control the flatness of the new concrete floor slab.
  • The Somero laser screed fits neatly onto our purpose built low loader trailer. Once working in warehousing type environments the machine is extremely maneuverable allowing large areas of concrete to be laid in one operation
  • Due to the large areas of concrete that can be laid in one day, minimises the amount of construction joints required within the concrete bays as the output is far greater than using old fashioned traditional methods of concrete floor laying. Whether the concrete floor is reinforced with steel fabric mesh or steel fibres, the vast output of the Somero laser screed machine reduces construction joints in new floor slabs. This also benefits clients and end users of the concrete floor slab as well as providing a more cost effective method of construction concrete floors
  • Due to the large areas of concrete floor being laid in one section, results in the need for fewer construction joints within the concrete floor bays. Whether the floor be a “jointless” or “jointed” concrete floor slab, the large output of the Somero laser screed minimises the quantity of construction joints than with more traditional concrete laying methods
  • Once the laser screed head passes over the concrete it is not only compacted properly but also slightly densified due to the weight of the screed head itself. This provides a denser and stronger concrete floor due to excellent compaction capabilities
  • The laser screed method of laying concrete becomes more cost effective when the outputs of concrete floor laying increase   due to the efficiencies of the laser screed floor leveller
  • The latest version in laser screeding technology provides excellent power to weight ratios which allow complete control of the concrete during the laying process, even with readymixed concrete with a low workability.

Laser screed concrete flooring contractors

The Nationwide Concrete Flooring Somero laser screed laying and compacting a concrete floor slab in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

As each large section of floor is completed and handed over, other trades can start their work whilst the remainder of the floor is constructed. To enquire further about our SXP -D Laser Sccreed Concrete Levelling & Compacting Machine or our concrete laser screeding service email


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