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Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs


Hear at Nationwide Concrete Flooring part of the Nationwide Diamond Group, we carry out the design and construction of steel fibre “jointed” and “jointless concrete floor slabs for many clients and main contractors.

We operate our own conveyor systems in order to integrate the steel fibres within the concrete matrix to ensure the steel fibres are thoroughly mixed into the concrete. The concrete is then laid and compacted using one of our two number Somero laser screed concrete levelling and compacting machines. We also provide combined steel fibre and steel fabric mesh solutions known as combislab for various different types of usage dependant upon the clients and end users requirements.


As you can see from the above photograph the construction joints can be positioned beneath the racking if the racking layout is provided prior to casting the floor slabs. In this case the joints are not trafficked by fork lifts and hence increasing the longevity of the floor joints themselves and minimising potential fork truck breakdown.

Combislab jointless steel fibre and steel mesh floor slab designs for maximum crack widths

Instead of trying to detail and construct the slab with joints to avoid cracking under service stresses, another approach is to assume the slab will crack under services stresses but to design with enough tensile capacity at the cracked section to ensure any cracks are controlled and hence small enough not to affect the serviceability of the floor. To do this efficiently and economically Nationwide Concrete Flooring use a ‘Combislab’ solution; steel fibres combined with fabric or bar. This approach is particularly beneficial where there is unavoidable restraint in the floor. Rather than trying to detail round this potential shrinkage restraint, by the judicious design and construction of a suitable arrangement of joints, the approach entails designing an appropriate combination of fabric and steel-fibre reinforcement to ensure an acceptable level of crack width, while elimination or minimising the need for either movement (dowel) or crack control (saw-cut) joints. Restraints may result from steel columns, heavy rack leg loads or plant and equipment being tied into the slab or non-symmetrical shapes to the floor, etc. It is worth noting, that in floors where restraint can be limited, joints are acceptable, the serviceability demands on the floor are small and there is no requirement for a crack width calculation, steel-fibre-only solutions can still be the most economically attractive option. In addition to serviceability and designing for crack control, the post-crack strength of steel fibre reinforced concrete can also be used in the ultimate limit state (ULS) to increase load-carrying capacity, further increasing the flexibility in design provided to the engineer.

We also offer the above combislab solution for our concrete floor slab removal and replacement systems where concrete has previously broken down due to extremely heavy trafficking or other instances and clients are wanting to minimise the chance of any further downtime or disruption.

This solution is ideal at doorway interfaces or other sections of warehouses where the concrete floor is absolutely paramount to the performance of the clients operations.  We can also carry out the combislab steel fibre and steel mesh designs on heavily loaded external concrete yards and distribution centres. The floor slab design solution can also become extremely cost effective and attractive if ground conditions are poor and may require concrete piles beneath the floors.


Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs

Bekaert steel fibres integrated within the concrete matrix utilising Nationwide Concrete Floorings conveyor system and trained concrete flooring operative at a new distribution centre in Doncaster



Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs

Jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab laid for a new mobile racking system, Boston Cold Store, South Lincolnshire



Jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab for high bay warehouse

The benefit of having a “jointless” steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab is clear to see in this instance. The risk of narrow mid bay cracking in lieu of having multiple sawn induced joints is more appealing to the end user where narrow aisle forklifts will be constantly trafficking the aisles. Nationwide Concrete Flooring design the floors in order that the main construction joints are located within the flue of the high bay racking and not within the aisles to avoid maintenance costs for the building owners. Please feel free to contact our concrete floor design department on 01405 704722 to find out the very latest technology in steel fibre concrete flooring systems.


Nationwide Concrete Flooring, the innovative concrete flooring contractors has recently designed and installed a fully suspended steel fibre reinforced concrete flooring floor slab on behalf of a major logistics operator in Warrington, Cheshire. The client, a major independently owned haulage and storage provider, required a concrete floor slab capable of withstanding the specific loading criteria along with an attractive aesthetic surface finish. Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors entered into early discussions with the client and main contractor in order to agree the best long term concrete flooring solution. It was decided on a “jointless” steel fibre reinforced concrete floor, with a light grey coloured dry shake surface hardener to reflect light naturally and improve the abrasion resistance of the floor.

Using their own “in house” concrete flooring design team, Nationwide Concrete Flooring, the industrial concrete flooring contractors assigned and constructed the following concrete floor slab solution  itemised below:


  • Area 25,000 square feet


  • Concrete Volume 490m3
  • Reinforcement – Bekaert 40kg/m3 RC 65-60-BN Steel Fibres, with mesh squares over the piles only
  • 2 days Sub Base preparation
  • 1 day preparation in advance of pour
  • 2 days casting with Laser Screed
  • FM2 Flatness Tolerance as per the Concrete Societies TR34
  • Piles 250mm diameter on a 4.0m x 4.0m grid with 600mm diameter pile heads
  • Coloured dry-shake surface hardener – Permaban
  • Steel profile armoured joint – Permaban Alpha

Reinforced concrete flooring is not the only system offered by Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors, who cater for the needs of agricultural, commercial and industrial clients across the country.


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