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Yorkshire concrete flooring contractor completes work in South Yorkshire


Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors, experts in supplying concrete flooring solutions and systems to the agricultural, industrial and commercial industries, have recently finished a job in South Yorkshire on behalf of UKCG, a major carbon graphite distributor with headquarters in Belper, Derbyshire. The client was experiencing problems with a degrading concrete slab serving as car-parking and hardstanding space and knew they could call on Nationwide Concrete Flooring, contractors to the north east and midlands concrete flooring markets, to solve the issue. UKCG’s site in Rotherham is vital to their supply chain and thus it was essential that the site remain open while work was carried out. Nationwide Concrete Flooring are experts in the concrete flooring field and always accommodates clients needs when installing any kind of concrete flooring solution, whether it be concrete floor cleaning, removal and replacement, or cast in-situ, built-from-scratch. The Rotherham site needed removal and replacement with industrial reinforced concrete work carrying out, and as specialists in the area Nationwide had the resources and expertise to achieve the aims the client was looking for, including full design of the necessary falls, excavation and laying of new sub base and design and installation of laser screed and powerfloated concrete floor slab. The area in which the new slab was to be laid required levelling before work could begin, in order to house a temporary internal building once completed. With the client also specifying an abrasion resistant and aesthetically pleasing floor, the Yorkshire concrete flooring contractor new exactly what to do; laying a dry shake sprinkle topping in ‘mid grey’ colours to achieve both of the requirements of the client. The work was not without risk – dry shake surface hardeners applied in the open have potential to delaminate, but the experienced and professional operatives of the north east concrete flooring contractor had the capabilities to deliver a quality end product with the requirements fulfilled. Access doorways were chemically aged as part of the process to create a health and safety compliant anti-slip surface finish to the concrete. Work included the use of specialist Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractor equipment such as sub base compact leveller, laser screed, dry shake topping spreaders, powerfloats, Instant Seal 101 joint sealant and Diamond Curehard floor sealer. The 2,600m2 floor slab was laid over a 3 day period, working around the schedule of the Rotherham plant. All work including the original design concept was carried out in-house by the Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractor design team and engineers. As specialists in concrete flooring for the midlands, Yorkshire and across the UK, Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors provide concrete flooring systems for the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. If you would like further information on our services or require a quote, please contact us today on 01405 704722. Alternatively, you can email us via Our wide range of concrete flooring systems, services and solutions is available on our website here.

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