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Yorkshire based concrete flooring contractor completes another design and build steel fibre reinforced cast into concrete floor slab in Norwich, Norfolk

The design and installation of this concrete flooring project had taken a number of weeks to carry out due to the pile layout and loading criteria requiring design input from numerous parties. Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s design and estimating team worked in conjunction with main contractor PJ Spillings to design a 5D steel fibre reinforced concrete slab solution with steel fibres supplied by Bekaert to span from each of the piles and ground beams. Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s vast experience in laying and finishing steel fibre reinforced concrete including a dry shake surface hardener and natural topping left an almost fibre free surface finish. Supervisor for the concrete flooring contractor Mr Luke Morrow states “high dosages of steel fibres in concrete can be extremely difficult to control, especially when pumping the concrete”. “As a concrete flooring contractor whom gets involved in numerous different types of projects we aspire to maintain a high level of quality in everything concrete flooring project we carry out”.

The actual location of this particular project is known as Cox’s Boatyard at Barton Turf located approximately 15 miles on the outskirts of Norwich in an extremely rural location. Local concrete supplier The Concrete Company had great difficulty in keeping up with the concrete volumes per hour required for the casting of the floor slab. Due to site logistics Nationwide Concrete Flooring had an operative at the concrete plant integrating steel fibres through the conveyor system. The actual concrete pour was completed at approximately 8.30pm in the evening which resulted in a very long day for the concrete flooring contractors operatives.

Should you be interested in further details on this concrete flooring project in Norwich or indeed Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s design and build services for cast instu floors then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722 or alternatively e mail at   We would love to hear about any type of industrial or commercial concrete flooring project you may be considering whether it be for new cast instu floors or existing concrete floor repairs.

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