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Waste Recycling Facility receives new steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab in Costessey, near Norwich in Norfolk

Another waste recycling centre concrete floor slab has been constructed by Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors, this time in Norwich for a new client to the design and build flooring contractor. Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors was contracted to design and build the cast instu steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab and work in conjunction with both main contractor and the clients consulting engineering practice to ensure the best possible concrete flooring solution was provided to the client. The high specification demanded by the client meant the the extension to waste recycling facility was a new “state of the art” warehouse.

Once the concrete floor slab design process had been completed by Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors the construction of the floor was underway. The concrete flooring process carried out by Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contactors the waste recycling concrete flooring  contractors of choice is itemised below;


  • Isolation to steel internal & perimeter columns to isolate from floor slab


  • Construct the final layer of  the sub base working platform


  • Install heavy duty steel profile construction joint manufactured by Permaban
  • Supply and install steel fibre reinforced concrete supplied by Bekaert & C&H Quickmix  to the required flatness tolerances


  • Monlithically bond the Sika Armortop dry shake surface hardener  to the surface of the power floated concrete

  • Install saw cut joints and seal with Instant Seal 101 joint sealant
  • Spray cure the surface with toughening compound Diamond Curehard



The sub base preparation was carried out over a 3 day period. The concrete flooring to the warehouse and the link corridor was carried out over a 3 day period with stress relief sawn induced joints cut installed and sealed with Instant Seal 101 joint sealant the following day. The dry shake topping and concrete floor surface hardener was applied during each casting day by Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s finishing team which work throughout the night to ensure a high standard of concrete floor slab is maintained. Should you require further details on Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s design and build concrete flooring systems suitable for waste recycling centres then please do not hesitate to contact us at or simply telephone head office on 01405 704722 and ask for the estimating department. Nationwide Concrete Flooring also specialise in the installation of dry shake floor surface hardeners.  These surface hardeners vastly increase the longevity of the concrete surface in comparison to plain concrete or epoxy resin coatings. The floor slab surface hardeners are available in a choice of colours and strengths dependant upon client requirements.