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Warehouse extension in Leicester receives new industrial concrete floor slab

Nationwide Concrete Flooring has recently completed a high tolerance industrial concrete floor slab for a new warehouse extension in Leicester on behalf of expanding company Lotan of Leicester. As you can from the photographs the warehouse extension was rather large and Nationwide Concrete Flooring the experienced concrete flooring contractor managed to complete the entire works over a two day casting period. To divide the two pours a Permaban stainless steel construction joint was installed to offer protection to each slab edge.
In advance of the concrete pours Nationwide Concrete Flooring carried out the preparation of the sub base, using laser guided sub base compact leveller. The machine carries out the laying of the sub base to extremely accurate tolerances providing the stone material used is of a good quality grading.
The RC35 concrete mix supplied by Hope Construction Materials contained a blended cement to cater for the warm temperatures the slabs were laid in. The Somero Laser screed concrete levelling machine in conjunction with the industrial concrete flooring contractors skilled workforce and power floating team completed the floor slab to the flatness tolerance of FM2 as per TR34 2013 edition.
The sawn induced joints were cut and then subsequently sealed with the flooring contractors own joint sealant, the innovative Instant Seal 101 joint protection system.

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