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Warehouse concrete joint repairs in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Warehouse concrete joint repairs in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, by industrial concrete flooring contractor, Nationwide Concrete Flooring

Damaged expansion joints to manhole surrounds are one of the most frequent problems found within most warehouse concrete floor slabs. The small sections of concrete often break off and create either trip hazards or health and safety problems when regularly trafficking with fork lift trucks. The manhole concrete surrounds are extremely awkward to repair as sometimes the steel manhole itself has dropped due to degradation of the concrete surround. On careful inspection we ascertain as to whether the concrete surround to manhole needs to be either fully removed and replaced or if we can carry out epoxy resin repairs to the surface.


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This warehouse in Doncaster, South Yorkshire had a problem similar to the typical manhole surround problem described above. Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s skilled repair operatives removed the damaged expansion joint surrounds using a full depth cutting machine and re instated a new floor joint, subsequently repaired and sealed with an epoxy resin. The channel drain concrete surround was also damaged on this particular warehouse in Doncaster. The thin strips of concrete either side of the channel drains are usually only approximately 300mm wide either side. These strips begin to break down over a period of time and hence require some kind of remedial attention. In this instance our concrete floor repair team broke out the top 50mm of damaged concrete and filled the entire section with a tough epoxy resin capable of withstanding extremely heavy traffic.

As an industrial concrete flooring contractor we carry out numerous different types of concrete floor repairs and indeed new cast instu concrete floor slabs. Should you be interested in discussing a concrete flooring project you are looking at then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722 or simply e mail

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