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Warehouse concrete floor repairs, 20 year old distribution centre in Northampton

Nationwide Concrete Flooring,the industrial concrete flooring specialists and  experts at warehouse concrete floor repairs, has just completed a wide range of repairs on an existing concrete floor at a major kitchen manufactures  premises in Northampton.
The repairs that the concrete flooring team completed included:

  • Joint Repairs
  • Crack Repairs
  • Bracket Bolt Repairs
  • Joint Sealant
  • Impact damage
  • Grinding Repairs

The full range of Nationwide’s concrete floor repairs equipment was used on this concrete floor repair project including the floor cleaner on completion of the repairs to leave a clean concrete floor. The damaged concrete was saw cut out the slabs, new steel dowel bars were drilled and dowelled and steel fibre reinforced high strength concrete was laid to the required levels and finish.

Cracks of various widths were chased out and then filled with flexible epoxy resin products to weld the cracks back together and increase longevity of the concrete floor slabs. Humps and bumps were ground down and levelled out using walk behind vacuum assisted concrete floor diamond grinder, DFG grinders along with hand grinders. Numerous racking bolt holes were cut out and filled with epoxy resin in order to stop spalling of the concrete once trafficked with forklift trucks and other manual handling equipment. Concrete slab joint sealant 101 was used for the saw cut contraction joints on the internal floor slabs.

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