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Steel fibre joint less slab

This narrow aisle warehousing system required a high tolerance industrial
concrete floor slab to be laid in order to allow fork lifts to successfully
traffic up and down the aisles. Free movement areas of the floor slab had a
flatness tolerance and floor finish laid to the standard of FM2. The
flatness standard within the aisles was Category 2 as per TR34 2003 edition.
Nationwide Concrete Flooring laid the area within the aisles to the defined
movement tolerance as the fork lifts guided automatically with the wire
loop system, move in the same location at all times.
Nationwide Concrete Flooring selected the Bekaert steel fibre joint less
system to minimise the chance of joint breakdown within these busy aisles.
The high dosage of steel fibre reinforcement negates the requirement for any
sawn induced contraction joints, something that can be a real benefit for
end users wanting to reduce long term maintenance costs.
If you would like more information on the steel fibre joint less or jointed
concrete floor slab systems on offer from Nationwide Concrete Flooring then
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