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The overlaying floor slab process by Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors

This empty warehouse in Glasgow had an existing concrete floor slab which was unsuitable both in terms of flatness and level control and also structural capacity to withstand the loading requirements of the new occupier.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors carried out the design and construction of the new cast instu concrete floor slab adopting the following processes detailed below.


This photograph shows the condition of the existing warehouse concrete floor slab approximately 5,000m2 in size


Here we show a thin layer of 6mm to dust covering which Nationwide Concrete flooring contractors refer to as a regulating layer. This regulating layer is created by using the laser guided sub base levelling equipment as shown. The laser sub base leveller is extremely quick and accurate and the entire area was completed within three days. Not only does the sub base take out the irregularities of the existing floor slab it also minimises the potential for cracks to reflect at the surface of the new floor once loading is imposed via fork lifts or racking.


This photograph shows the laser levelling and compacting of the concrete with Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors utilising their Somero SXP – D state of the art laser screeding machine. This new concrete floor slab in Glasgow was laid over a 4 day consecutive period with a flatness tolerance of FM2 in line with TR34.


On completion of the concrete floor laying the powerfloating and finishing process takes place. As you can see large “ride on” power trowelling machinery is used by the concrete flooring contractor to achieve a smooth and level polished finish in the case of this floor in Glasgow

This video footage shows the floor saw machinery installing the movement joints by cutting extremely accurately to a third of the depth of the slab. Careful attention is required to place these joints at centres compatible with the racking layout and location of columns and any other slab intrusions


On completion of the saw cutting for contraction joints Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors supply and fit their own branded product Instant Seal 101 prior to any other trade trafficking the floor slabs. The Instant Seal 101 joint sealant very cleverly copes with the shrinkage of the floor slab with its unique balloon like capacity which eliminates both debris ingress and also protects the brittle arris edges of the concrete and I am sure you will agree looks very pretty.

Should you require any further details regarding this concrete flooring project in Glasgow or have a project you would like to look at yourselves then please do not hesitate to contact us at or simply telephone our head office on 01405 704722 and ask for the estimating department and we would be only too happy to assist you were we can.