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New supermarket concrete floor slab complete with dry shake topping and surface hardener

Nationwide Concrete Flooring has recently completed the casting and power floating of a new steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab along with a monolithically bound dry shake topping and surface hardener for the warehouse concrete floor slab. The dry shake sprinkle topping supplied by Permaban is monolithically bound by the concrete flooring finishing team to the surface of the concrete whilst still in a plastic state. The concrete surface needs to be sufficient to allow the dry shake topping to bond to the surface of the fresh concrete, with enough substance in order to allow the weight of the large “ride on” power trowels to float the surface without sinking into the concrete. Great care has to be taken by the concrete finishers in order to minimise the amount of delamination between the two surface layers. The building also needs to be clad to stop any drying winds or other natural elements from hindering the process. Once handed over to the end user and supermarket client, the dry shake surface hardened floor offers excellent abrasion resistance and surface toughness, ideal for any busy warehouse operator. The completed dry shake topping floor also receives one of Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s specialist curing agent compounds to also increase the longevity of the concrete floor slab.

For further details on the steel fibre reinforced jointless concrete floor slab complete with dry shake topping surface hardener please do not hesitate to contact one of our estimators on 01405 704722 or simply e mails