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New Covent Garden market project

Nationwide Concrete Flooring part of the the Nationwide Diamond Group have recently been awarded and carried out the Industrial concrete floor for the new Covent Garden project in the heart of London.

Nationwide Diamond Contracts first carried out the final 50mm sub base grading utilising its own laser guided JCB 3CX machine which was then rolled and compacted to leave a uniform levelled surface ready for the concrete flooring team.


5000m2 of Fm2 industrial concrete flooring was laid utilising one of our Somero Laser screeds, the pour was carried out over 6 days due to the awkwardness of both concrete supply and the amount of pop ups installed prior to casting.

London is currently Europe’s busiest place for concrete with plants running at full capacity 6 days a week.

The Industrial concrete floor received a flat blade finish to allow a future resin application along with the installation of steel jointed rail utilised for construction joints.


Saw cuts where also introduced in line with the engineers dimensions as the floor is to receive a mezzanine floor after.
Nationwide then installed instant seal 101 installed to protect the saw cuts and prevent other building materials and waste falling into them.


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