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New cast in situ concrete floor slab for waste recycling building refurbishment, Goole, East Yorkshire

Nationwide Concrete Flooring has recently completed a new laser screed concrete floor slab for a refurbished waste recycling facility in Goole, East Yorkshire on behalf of the East Riding of Yorkshire County Council.

Very shortly hundreds of thousands of tonnes of domestic waste will be delivered into the waste recycling centre specifically designed to handle the waste products as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Nationwide concrete flooring design and construction of waste recycling concrete floor slab

The design of the floor slab carried out by Nationwide Concrete Flooring and resident engineering practice Ramboll took a number of meetings in conjunction with the main contractor and the client in order to agree the best way forward in terms of floor slab design and construction longevity. Steel profile permanent joint types supplied by Permaban were installed as the main construction joint between each concrete pour. These joints negated the requirement of the more traditional timber shuttered joint being used, which does not provide any protection to the edge of the slab and minimises the chance of the floor joints breaking down under extremely navy trafficking from loading shovels and other vehicles.

The saw cut induced joints were planned to perfection in terms of location to help minimise cracking to the floor slab from shrinkage but also reduce the chance of damage, again from heavy plant operations. These joints were sealed on completion using Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s own branded product Instant Seal 101. The Instant Seal 101 joint sealant will withstand trafficking as soon as the product is installed within the joint as there is no curing time required, this particularly helps in wet environments. For further detail on our Instant Seal joint system please see the joint sealant section of the website.

After much deliberation with the client, Nationwide Concrete Flooring were instructed to provide an anti slip surface finish to the concrete floor slab. This is a surface finish that the concrete flooring contractor has carried out for numerous clients over the past few years as it provides a tough densified surface along with traction control for loading shovels on wet and dirty concrete floors. On completion of the power floating operations the floor is also spray cured with diamond Curehard which helps to

Seal the floor and reduce the chance of early age shrinkage cracks appearing.

Should you require any further details on this waste recycling project in Goole, East Yorkshire or have a waste recycling concrete floor project of your won then please do not hesitate to contact our estimating department on 01405 704722 or e mail

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