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Nationwide Diamond Group Grind and Repair Concrete Slabs Chesterfield, Derbyshire


Nationwide Diamond Contracts were employed by a prestigious rail-road and engineering company in Chesterfield in Derbyshire, to carry out concrete grinding and concrete floor slab repairs after the old large slabs had started to become uneven and therefore unsafe for duty .

The concrete floor slabs required grinding as the deviation in level and flatness was causing the large slabs used to lift the carriages to become unstable, this would be a major health risk, as the carriages could easily fall over if they had an uneven weight distribution on the uneven floors. Nationwide Diamond Contracts used their wealth of experience and years of similar encounters all over the country to initially assess the levels of the concrete floor and then carry out the concrete floor grinding, proceeding to make all the surfaces worked on, smooth level and a lot more stable.

Once the grinding was complete, Nationwide Diamond Group sealed the surface with a dust inhibitor to prevent ‘dusting of the floor and concrete curing compound. This product will improve the longevity of the concrete surface and also ease cleaning for the end user.

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