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Nationwide Concrete Flooring offer new floor cleaning system

Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors, part of the Nationwide Diamond Group of companies, is the first in the country to offer the new concrete floor cleaning system made possible by BECOSAN; if you have a concrete floor slab that is looking worse for wear, this is the solution you have been waiting for – the Nationwide Diamond SUPA-DUPA Floor Cleaning Package.

Concrete floor slabs often need repairing or replacing over time, but with the solution offered by the Nationwide Diamond SUPA-DUPA Floor Cleaning Package it can be done faster, cheaper and better than ever before. The system cleans with ease, is dust-free (unlike previous methods) and can be done with existing cleaning equipment.

BECOSAN’ ‘sleeking pads’ are used to grade the cleaning gradually and a trio of brush heads reduce the risk of damage to the floor slab as the top level dirt is removed. Once the first sleeking step is completed, the BECOSAN Densifier fluid takes its place and is applied to the floor, using a safe and emission-free chemical reaction to preserve the integrity of the slab. Polishing follows the Densifier, and is achieved using the same machinery as the sleeking process – three pad grades buff the surface to a highly-polished finish. The final step is the application of the protective sealer, reducing the absorption of grease, water and other harmful substances that can compromise the structure of the floor slab.

BECOSAN recommend the solution for warehouse and production facilities, industrial buildings, large retail outlets, schools, hospitals and commercial office buildings thanks to its diverse nature. To make it even more versatile, the installation price is 1/3 of traditional concrete floor cleaning and dust proofing systems like epoxy coating.

If you need a concrete floor slab that resists water and chemical spillages, is non-allergenic, cost-effective, low-maintenance and can be laid at a rate of more than a 1000m2 per day, but cannot afford a brand new floor slab, look no further than the Nationwide Diamond SUPA-DUPA Floor Cleaning Package.

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