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Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors install steel fibre reinforced internal concrete floor slab – Tesco, Saxmundham, Norfolk

Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors have carried out the full design and installation of a suspended steel fibre reinforced internal concrete floor slab.
Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains required a concrete floor slab to carry on their ever expanding business. Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors entered into early discussions with main contractor Blackburn’s in order to agree the best solution.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors applied a Permaban dry-shake natural topping to the surface of the concrete floor slab during the concrete finishing process. The dry shake surface hardener (also known as a sprinkle topping) helps to suppress the steel fibres at the surface of the slab and also offers enhanced abrasion characteristics to the surface finish.

The design solution to Dutch code CUR111 is itemised below:

  • Area 1,965m2,
  • Concrete Volume approx. 400m3 including thickenings
  • Reinforcement – Bekaert 40kg/m3 RC 65-60-BN Steel Fibres, mesh over piles
  • 2 days Sub Base preparation
  • 1 day preparation in advance of pour
  • 2 days casting with Laser Screed
  • FM3 Flatness Tolerance
  • Piles 4.0m x 3.5m grid with 350mm diameter caps
  • Natural dry-shake surface hardener – Permaban
  • Steel profile armoured joint – Permaban Alpha 

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