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Jointless waste transfer station concrete floor slab, Doncaster, South Yorkshire by Nationwide Concrete Flooring

The Industrial Concrete Flooring Contractors based in Yorkshire,
Nationwide Concrete Flooring has recently carried out the design and
construction a new steel fibre reinforced joint-less concrete floor slab
for a new waste transfer station in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.The steel
fibres supplied by Bekaert where integrated into the concrete at a dosage
ate of 35kg/m3.

This provide enough steel and shrinkage control to allow
the reinforced ground bearing floor slab to be joint-less. The term
joint-less in a concrete floor slab means that there is no need for any
induced contraction joints. This is ideal for any waste transfer station
as there are less joints to damage from the front buckets of the large
loading shovels.

The concrete floors also receive a dry shake sprinkle
topping surface hardener. This not only surprises the steel fibres but
also enhances the abrasion resistance of the concrete surface and improves
longevity for the waste transfer operators.
If you would like any further information on our concrete flooring
services and systems for waste transfer stations then please do no
hesitate to contact one of our estimators on 01405 704722 or simply e mail