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New industrial warehouse units with integrally constructed  offices, required a high tolerance industrial concrete floor slab as part of the speculative build. Main Contractor Hobson & Porter from Hull, appointed Nationwide Concrete Flooring from Goole to carry out the design and construction of the industrial concrete floor slabs. The warehouses were located just off Hessle Road, to the West of the city. Business is booming in this part of the country due to new Siemens wind turbine factory and the prestigious award to Hull, as the City of Culture.

As experienced industrial concrete flooring contractors, Nationwide Concrete Flooring carried out the entire works over a 1 week period. The initial sub base levelling and compacting was carried out utilising the laser controlled levelling system, attached to the JCB 3CX. For further details on this equipment, please see our sub base levelling section within the services section of the website.

Following the laser levelling of the sub base, insulation board and 2 ayers of steel fabric mesh were installed prior to the casting of the concrete slab itself. Concrete supplied by Hope Construction Materials from their Hull depot was a C35 Pump Mix with a blended cement type to cater for a slower initial setting time.

As you can see from the photographs the concrete slabs were power floated using the concrete flooring contractors “hand-held” and “ride on” concrete finishing equipment. If you would like more details of this, please see our Concrete finishing section within the services section of the website.


Saw cut joints were carried out the following day, once the slab had been sealed and all sawn induced joints were sealed with the innovative joint sealant product Instant Seal 101. The Instant Seal 101 joint sealant product instantly protects the arrays edges and minimises debris ingress. For more details on the joint sealing product please see the section within services on the website.


For more details on this industrial concrete flooring project in Hull, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722 and ask for one of our estimators, or simply e mails

Please note we also carry out industrial concrete floor repairs as well as part of one of the many services provided.