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FW: External haulage yard requires replacing in Evesham

Nationwide Concrete Flooring part of the Nationwide Diamond Group has recently completed the removal and reinstatement for a new haulage yard in Evesham, Worcestershire.The total area of 2,450m2 required removing due to the pour condition of the concrete which had failed under the continual heavy loading of trucks using tele handlers and fork lift trucks. Once the damaged concrete had been removed the concrete flooring contractor had to replace the sodden sub base material with a granulated sub grade limes one in order to ensure the new yard did not breakdown again. Type 1 limestone as laid, levelled and compacted using the laser controlled sub base leveller attachment on the JCB 3CX. The concrete contractors then procured a high strength concrete with micro silica additive within the concrete mix in order to provide a new concrete floor which could be trafficked after only 3 working days due to the early strength gain. This concrete mix design allows the client early access to the yard areas to minimise downtime during busy periods of the day. Nationwide Concrete Flooring integrated Bekaert steel fibres into the concrete mix utilising their own conveyor system. The steel fibre reinforced concrete is suitable for heavily loaded yards or internal warehouse concrete floor slabs and the steel fibres also increase the resistance to impact damage, should anything heavy be dropped onto the concrete yards.


The entire concrete flooring system including steel construction joints and sawn induced joints sealed and completed with Instant Seal 101 joint sealant are all fully designed, warranted and guaranteed by the concrete flooring contractor Nationwide Concrete Flooring. Should you be interested in any further information regarding this concrete floor reinstatement project in Evesham, Worcestershire or indeed have a concrete project of your own, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722 and ask for our concrete floor estimating department, or alternatively e mail