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Floor crack and patch repairs at a Cash & Carry warehouse, Glasgow

Cash & carry warehouses operating almost 24 hours a day to provide a service
for many different types of customers, must be kept operational for incoming
and outgoing product deliveries.

Cracking in warehouse concrete floor slabs

This national retailer had a branch in
Glasgow with a large crack appearing along the transfer aisle and two patch
repairs within the narrow aisles. The Nationwide Concrete Flooring repair
team travelled to Glasgow on a Thursday night in preparation to commence the
floor repair works at 6am.

Crack repair using resin repair product

As you can see from the photographs, access to
the aisles for customers was made available at all times without any health
and safety problems whatsoever.

Warehouse concrete floor repairs

Patch repair to damaged concrete surface

On completion of the concrete floor repair
and maintenance work, the slabs were trafficked less than 24 hours from
completion without any difficulties to either the floor or forklift trucks.
If you have a concrete floor with either cracks or patches within the
surface, please do not hesitate to contact us for some advice and or a free
quotation. Ideally forward some photographs and approximate dimensions and
we can review and respond extremely quickly to your requirements. You can
contact us via phone on
01405 704722 and ask for the concrete flooring estimating department or e