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External Concrete Floor Repair – Avonmouth, Bristol


Nationwide Concrete Flooring have just completed an external concrete floor repair project at Avonmouth, Bristol. Nationwide’s workforce used their standard methodology to carry out the concrete floor repair without disruption to the distribution warehouse. During this project Nationwide used their expertise to make an imminent completion of the project and solve the concrete floor problems.

Ramp Repair – The damaged concrete was saw cut out of the slabs using NCF’s full depth saw cutter, new steel dowel bars were drilled and dowelled and steel fibre reinforced high strength concrete was laid to the required levels and finished with a rough pan finish to complete the concrete floor repair.

Trailor Leg Repair – A number of patches were cut out using the full depth saw cutter and the damaged concrete was removed. New dowel bars were drill and dowelled and replaced with duracrete microsilica concrete (high strength reinforced, fast setting concrete) to strengthen the concrete floor repair.