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Concrete yard repairs at Railport Terminal DIRFT, Daventry, Northamptonshire

Nationwide Concrete Flooring has been very busy on a continual concrete floor slab removal and replacement including full deconstruction programme at Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal in Crick, Northamptonshire. The works involve saw cutting and demolishing the existing concrete hardstandings, which have become damaged over a period of 17 years constant trafficking from heavy container lifters and constant heavy goods vehicle trafficking.

Damaged concrete hardstanding in Daventry.

As you can see from the three photographs the slabs are extremely thick and reinforced with both steel fabric mesh and steel fibres.  Nationwide Concrete Flooring, utilise the full range of their concrete flooring plant and equipment. This list of equipment includes, 10 tonne excavator, 2 number full depth floor saws, skip loader truck, powerfloats and concrete floor laying machinery, sub base leveler and compactor and JCB 3CX digger along with pecked attachment.

Damaged concrete slab is saw cut and removed from site

The key to the successful concrete floor replacement and removal project is in the planning. Great care has been taken to ensure the client has full operational use of the concrete hardstandings at all times. This means unsociable working hours for the concrete flooring operatives, and management team, but no downtime for the client.  Readymixed concrete was supplied by Tarmac from their Northampton batching plant. The concrete mix selected by the concrete floor repair contractors was  micro silica based concrete mix capable of being trafficked with 48 hours due to the rapid strength gain.

Replaced concrete floor slabs, Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal, Crick, Northamptonshire



The concrete cube results actually showed a crushing strength of 46.9 n/mm2 after 48 hours curing time. The concrete mix itself is double the price of a more normal concrete mix but provides the contractor and client with piece of mind in terms of early trafficking capabilities.

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