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Concrete Planing in Avonmouth, Bristol

When GKN Aerospace were installing a new kiln in their new warehouse in Avonmouth in Bristol, they needed a special coating on the concrete floor slab in order to ‘withstand the excessive heat’. Nationwide Diamond Contracts were the obvious company to call.

GKN asked for 40mm to be planed off the surface of the heavily reinforced concrete floor, a process that was particularly difficult due to dust and the time constraints. Furthermore work commenced on Friday and had to be complete by Sunday night in time for the floor coating to be installed.

First Nationwide used a grooving machine to cut 20mm deep into the surface. This increased the speed of planning. As shown in the photographs, a tent with dust extraction was erected to prevent dust spreading to the high-tech equipment during the works. The surface had a dry shake hardener coating the top 5mm of the concrete to make it dense and tough.

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