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Concrete floor slabs, for new industrial warehouse units, Newmarket, Suffolk

Nationwide Concrete Flooring has recently completed the construction of new cast instu concrete floor slabs to 10 number speculatively constructed warehouse units in Newmarket in Suffolk. The concrete floor slabs were 150mm deep and reinforced with 1 layer of steel fabric mesh. For flexibility of future potential usage the client opted for an underfloor heating system, which was sat above the insulation and formed integrally within the concrete floor slab itself. The underfloor heating creates difficulties for concrete flooring contractors as the pipes are fragile and make laying concrete to level tolerances rather awkward. The experienced concrete flooring team utilised a mobile concrete pump and opted for hand laying flood pour techniques when casting the concrete slabs. The powerfloats were hung from the perimeter columns and lowered onto the concrete once sufficiently set for the concrete finishing team to take over. On completion of the powerfloating a Sika dust inhibiting and curing compound was placed on the completed power floated and polished floor. The following morning sawn induced contraction joints were installed and subsequently sealed using Instant Seal 101 the contractors joint sealant of choice. Level access doorways wee protected by a stainless steel “C” section angle which minimises the chance of breakdown under trafficking at the brittle concrete edge.

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