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Concrete floor slab reinstatement for Vauxhall motors, Ellesmere Port

Nationwide Diamond Group were contacted direct by Vauxhall Motors, a British automotive manufacturing and distribution company in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire to carry out a concrete floor slab refurbishment.


Damaged concrete floor area

The slab had been worn down due to heavy trafficking to a point where it was making a detrimental effect to mobilisation in the factory for both pedestrians and machinery. Upon completing a free survey of the site and affected areas we then proceeded the quotation process. Nationwide Concrete Flooring part of the Nationwide Diamond Group the concrete specialists agreed to perform a concrete slab refurbishment on the affected areas. This entailed segregating the area safely from external human and natural conditions to ensure the works carried out are performed to Nationwide Diamond Groups professional expectations. Once the erection process was complete our experienced flooring technicians began to discard the damaged areas and remove the concrete safely, using our advanced concrete breakers and floor saw machinery. The areas were cleaned and made ready for the application of the new specially mixed to specification concrete to achieve a fully functioning stable area for the production of the car manufacturing business to resume.

Once cleaned and finished to perfection using one of our vast range of finishing procedures the floor was declared perfect and handed back to Vauxhall and work with the heavy machinery once again commenced.


Repaired concrete floor area

If it’s a floor slab refurbishment you need please feel free to contact Nationwide Concrete Flooring and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist your every need. Alternatively if you are unsure on what procedure you need for your concrete floor again feel free to contact us and we can schedule a free survey of your site to ensure the correct product is selected for your needs.

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