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Concrete floor slab for new workshop, Brandesburton, near Driffield, East Yorkshire

Civil engineering contractor East Coast Construction have re located
premises to this purpose built site in Brandesburton, formally the old
Tilcon Mortars plant from years gone by. Nationwide Concrete Flooring was
contracted to construct the office, workshop and warehouse concrete floor
slabs on the same visit.
The 200mm deep concrete floor slabs were reinforced with 2 layers of steel
fabric mesh to cater for the various loading patterns due to the clients
requirements. The concrete flooring contractor chose to pre set the mesh in
advance of the concrete laying and utilise a mobile concrete pump supplied
by Chubby’s. Concrete was laid and levelled using the industrial concrete
flooring contractors versatile Somero Copperhead 3.0 XD laser concrete
laying machine to the flatness tolerance of FM3 as per the concrete
societies TR34.
Consulting engineer Alan Wood & Partners designed the saw cut stress relief
joint to isolate the maintenance pits, steel columns and other intrusions.
All the saw cut joints were cut and sealed using the joint sealant Instant
Seal 101, to protect the joints from breakdown under trafficking. Permaban
Eclipse steel profile joints were installed at the 6 number access doorways
at the internal/external slab interface. The Permaban Eclipse joint allows
the slab doorway joints to be heavily trafficked with tracked vehicles and
forklifts etc without damaging the brittle slab edges.
Should you require any further details on this new industrial concrete floor
slab in East Yorkshire or a project of your own requiring a concrete floor
slab, please do not hesitate to contact our estimating department on 01405
704722 or alternatively e mail your enquiry to

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