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Concrete Floor Repairs In Manchester

Nationwide Concrete Flooring, the industrial concrete flooring contractors
was contacted by a busy storage company in Manchester who had severe issues
with their internal and external concrete floors. The highly active storage
business based in Lancashire whose facilities are used by mainstream
businesses from all over the UK and the general public needed a professional
outlook on an issue that was causing ‘havoc’ to their business demands.


Nationwide concrete flooring, the industrial concrete flooring contractors
based in East Yorkshire swiftly reacted to the call and implemented our FREE
concrete floor survey to help create the perfect repair procedure. The
industrial concrete flooring team generated a structured plan which would
allow the storage company to still run their facilities but allow having the
repairs completed in a realistic timescale.

With over 1000m² of removal and replacement the Yorkshire based industrial
concrete flooring specialists used their highly powerful, modern saws and
peckers to easily remove the internal and external concrete slabs. Then the
new specifically designed slab was installed in the timescale specified,
with certain reinforcement characteristics to achieve the demands of the

With another job completed and more positive feedback on our removal and
replacement services our Industrial concrete flooring contractors are
becoming very busy in this area of works. If you would like to schedule a
FREE survey call to book an appointment now and one of our experts will come
and advise and structure the perfect plan for your business demands. We have
many different services which cover almost every issue with your concrete
floors, so no job is too big or too difficult for our team to fix.

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