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Concrete floor repairs, to distribution centre, Nottingham

This extremely busy logistics operation in Nottingham required numerous different types of concrete floor repairs to the warehouse concrete floor in order to ensure the smooth running of the fork lift trucks. The existing warehouse floor joints had broken down under extreme trafficking and required replacing and or repairing dependant upon the level of damage. The client had re located their racking due to expansion and hence left loads of racking bolt fixings in the concrete floor itself which required attention. Nationwide Concrete Flooring carried out lots of resin floor repairs to fill the holes and leave the floor in much better condition. Some of the aisles where the narrow aisle fork lifts were trafficking had become uneven and the main construction joints were badly damaged. The wire guidance was dealt with quickly and professionally by the industrial concrete flooring contractors experienced staff to allow the safe running of the wire guided fork lifts within the aisle sections and locations. On completion of the floor repair works, the slabs were cleaned and then re sealed with a dust proofing agent to improve the longevity of the concrete floors.

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