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Concrete floor overlay, replacement and refurbishment, by local concrete flooring contractor near Darlington

NW1Nationwide Concrete Flooring the local concrete flooring contractor to the UK has shown yet more multi disciplinary of skills all relating to the replacement, renewal and refurbishment of concrete floor slabs, both internally and externally. This storage building at the highways department depot in Melsonby near Darlington needed a more “purpose-built” internal and external concrete floor slab design to allow quicker and safer methods of working to enable the staff and equipment to operate more efficiently during peak hours.

Problem – The existing internal floor slab exhibited large undulations within the levels and standing water was evident when the gritting machines were stored. The outside concrete slabs required re modelling in order to allow water to escape the internal floor and self gravitate into drains without any manually sweeping etc. The drainage was not sufficient in the fact that there was only one drain on one side of the building and not on the other. This drain couldn’t cope with the amount of water “run off” and had subsequently blocked.

Solution – Following an initial site survey Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s proposal was to carry out the following:

Re – modelling of the existing internal floor slab with utilisation of laser guided sub base leveler to lay and compact a fine layer of limestone dust material over the floor to create new levels to straight grade falls. This also allows any deviations or undulations or cracks in existing floor to be removed by the sub base material.

Installation of temporary screed rail within new formation to create a fall emanating form the middle of the storage building to both entrances either side.

The removal of the existing external concrete slabs and drain to allow new external concrete with drains both sides of the building entrances minimising the chance of any standing water.

Installation of new stainless steel Permaban doorway threshold joint to break the levels between internal slab and external slab also allowing continuation, full load transfer from vehicle trafficking and a demarkation point between power floated and brush finished concrete floor slabs.

New drains were supplied to both sides of entrances and installed to tie into existing drainage system.

All saw cut induced expansion and contraction joints were sealed using Instant Seal 101 joint sealant system.

The internal floor slab was finished using mechanised finishing floats and an anti slip surface finish was left to improve grip when the floor becomes wet.

The entire concrete flooring overlay, removal and replacement project was carried out over a two-week period from initial conception to completion.

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