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Dry shake floor hardener to new warehouse concrete floor slab for a major food producer

Alloy dry shake floor toppings and surface hardeners are particularly useful for clients with rapid chill freezers as the dry shake product is very quick to install as Nationwide Concrete Flooring apply the dry shake topping to the surface of the fresh concrete slab during their industrial concrete floor laying process. The process negates the long drying times required within concrete, where the instu floor is required to reach a relative humidity in order to allow resins and other floor coating sufficient time to bond to the concrete.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring has recently installed a concrete floor with a tile red, alloy dry shake surface hardener at this large food producers new warehousing facility near Leeds. The rapid chill freezer goes from minus 26 to zero in just one hour which creates a massive amount of thermal movement within the concrete slab. Reinforcement types, joint positioning and concrete mixes are all carefully coordinated between Nationwide Concrete Flooring, consulting engineers and main contractors, to ensure the end product is both suitable and reaches client expectations.

This particular client has had problems in the past with rapid chiller units. This was large;y due to the fact that there is a large difference in thermal expansion coefficient of resins then used compared with concrete. The industrial concrete flooring contractors  were able to demonstrate that their care in selection of concrete materials and installation processes would make the surfacing monolithic with the concrete and therefore not exhibit the problems the client has experienced with resins in the past. The Alloy dry shake topping, the surface finish Nationwide selected, is a cement-based surface hardener. It comprises hardener, alloy aggregate particles containing titanium and colour. The alloy dry shake hardener is bound monolithically with the surface of the concrete and has very special properties of smoothness and cleanability combined with slip resistance in wet conditions.

The Nationwide Diamond Group’s senior estimator Mr Adam Brown, who is involved with all of the concrete flooring and concrete repair tenders within the company comments “we have laid three floors with dry shake toppings and surface hardeners already this month. As concrete flooring contactors we are looking at increasing this quantity to at least 5 floors a month on a consistent basis.”……”our finishing team and the range of equipment are now geared up to ensure that the floors are laid to the highest of standards.”……”we find that once our clients are aware of the products we offer and their benefits repeat business is a natural progression.”

If you would like any information on dry shake toppings and their benefits please call us on 01405 704722 or email us at or and we will be happy to help. We have also developed a surface finish that creates an anti-slip finish which is a great solution if the floors are likely to become wet. As well as a unique surface finish to the concrete we also enhance the slip resistance further with the use of acid based techniques.


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