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Catfoss, Nr Driffield, East Yorkshire – Concrete Floor Repairs

Nationwide Concrete Flooring limited, part of the Nationwide Diamond Group of companies, have recently completed a range of concrete floor repairs at the former airfield site in Driffield, East Yorkshire, for a major Chicken farming organisation.
The existing concrete floor slabs were in poor condition which was inordinately hindering the client’s operations in terms of cleaning and maintaining the high quality standards required in the agricultural farming industry. The Yorkshire-based concrete flooring contractor aimed to correct this and put a transfer level of sub base material over the surface of the existing concrete floor slab in order to minimise the chance of cracks reflecting through to the new slab and also form a consistent and even level to the new sub strata. The sub base working platform was trimmed and levelled using the laser controlled sub base compact leveller as seen on the photograph.

The grade was set to a straight fall and the carefully selected materials supplied by Humberside Aggregates (01430 421503) were delivered directly from their quarry at North Cave on a just-in-time basis.

The concrete supplied by local independent Readymixed producer Sandsfield limited was pumped into the poultry shed by use of mobile pump. The concrete contained fibres mixed at the plant and supplied by Adfil of Hull, also in East Yorkshire.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s laser screed laser levelling system laid each fibre reinforced concrete floor slab of approximately 1,500m2 in one day. Ride on power floats and skilled concrete finishing teams allowed the fibre reinforced concrete to receive a fully polished finish to the surface. The saw cut joints were then installled the following day and sealed with our own instant seal 101 joint sealant. The instant seal joint sealant seals and protects the saw cut induced joints and minimises the chance of debris entering the cuts. This not only helps with hygiene issues but also improves the longevity of the completed fibre reinforced concrete floor slab. Finally the concrete floor slab is sprayed with a curing agent which seals stops dusting throughout the life of the concrete floor slab.

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