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Car Manufacturing Floor Repairs

Nationwide Concrete Flooring was contacted by a very busy car manufacturing company based in Manchester. Over a long period of time and excessive trafficking by heavy duty machinery the floor had become very tired and began to fail and ultimately production and manufacturing began to slow down at an astonishing rate.

Using our free surveying service our experts made a site visit to undergo a thorough examination of the area. Once all the information was collected by Nationwide Concrete Flooring experts it was reported back to the estimating team based at our Yorkshire office. Once the work was confirmed and dates and timescales were agreed, Nationwide Concrete Flooring began the removal and replacement process on the car manufacturing’s internal concrete floor.

Setting up and sectioning off the areas according to health and safety guidelines, Nationwide Concrete Flooring began to break out the concrete using the highly powerful breakers to extract the damaged areas. The existing sub base was still in fine condition so this was compact level by the Nationwide Concrete Flooring Team. High strength concrete was installed with all relevant reinforcement such as mesh and joints in place to ensure the concrete meets the Car Manufacturing Company’s needs and more. With a Powerfloat finish the new rejuvenated slab was handed back over to another happy customer resulting in another successfully completed project by Nationwide Concrete Flooring.

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