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Steel Profile Floor Joints

Nationwide Concrete Flooring specialise in using Steel Profile Floor Joints to help in the design and construction of warehouse and  industrial concrete floor slabs. Whether the design is warranted and engineered by NCF’s designers or simple advice is offered regarding long term sustainability of floor slab construction, we like to think we are at the forefront of concrete flooring technology.

One of the largest problems in a warehouse or distribution centre is the construction joints. Joints can easily crumble once the building is in use unless they are protected from the impact caused by large vehicles repeatedly crossing over the joints. Of course the vehicles also suffer

damage too, as the effect of travelling over crumbled joints results in the wheels of the vehicle needing to be replaced for often than needed. All of these factors lead to more unwanted costs for the warehouse or distribution centre operator.

Stainless steel edge protection for concrete floor slabs-

Bespoke Steel Joints-

The old saying “the devil is in the detail” is certainly adopted at the nationwide concrete flooring design team. This especially apparent went it comes to areas of the concrete slabs that come under heavy trafficking. Any edge that butts up to either Tarmac or another concrete slab is likely to break down under trafficking. To overcome this problem we install a stainless steel “c” section channel with shear studs at regular centres in order to connect with a rigid stronghold to the cast institution concrete. The stainless steel profile joint not only doesn’t rust when wet but also protects the concrete and vastly improves the longevity at the weak point of the floor slab.

In many circumstances there actually isn’t an ” off the shelf” joint available for the type of usage required. In this case nationwide have joints specifically made to suit the requirements of the client. If you look at the adjacent  photograph the joint has been set to form different levels within the floor and also has a stainless steel interface section for trafficked areas.

If you have a problem and require a solution then please feel free to discuss your requirements with us and we will make every attempt to put forward a suitable system in conjunction with the rest of our concrete flooring services.

Armoured Joints-


Permaban steel profile joint installed within cast in situ concrete floor slab after two years of trafficking showing very little signs of breakdown at arris edge.

Armoured joints act as a permanent formwork, creating a secure boundary or day joint during the concrete poor. They allow efficient load transfer between concrete slabs, for a durable and stable floor. Armoured joints allow the concrete slab to contract in a controlled way, to prevent random cracks occuring. They protect the construction joint arrises from impact damage once the building is in use, this saves the expense of the repair.

Signature Joint-

Rather than defend the joint from impact with parallel steel strips, the new products half-hexagon shape is unique and stops any impact. Vehicles can pass over the joint smoothly regardless of the angle of approach.  Dowels built into the joint ensure consistent load-bearing across the entire joint.

The new signature joint is suitable to use in large bay jointless concrete floors, and also in cold and freezer stores, this is due to the fact that the signature joint works with gap sizes as wide as 40mm, this is particularly beneficial for use in cold and freezer stores as the joints tend to be wider due to the behaviour of concrete in low temperatures.

Signature joint manufactured by Permaban was installed within the jointless steel fibre reinforced cold store concrete floor slab in Boston, South Lincolnshire.

For further details on the supply and installation of permanent steel profile joints in new internal or external high tolerance concrete floor slabs, please contact us on 01405 704722 and ask for the estimating department.

Industrial concrete floor slabs by Nationwide Concrete Flooring

steel joint acts a perfect interface between internal and external concrete floor slabs an still provides full load transfer.


steel angle at joints manufactured by Permaban and expertly installed by Nationwide Concrete Flooring part of the Nationwide Diamond Group of companies. Providing armoure protection of the joint which is trafficked enormously every working day

Please see the edge of the slab protected by permanent stainless steel angle installed by Nationwide Concrete Flooring

steel joint profile 1

One of the many technical floor slab details the concrete flooring contractor provides to improve the longevity of our clients floor slabs

This photograph shows the Nationwide Concrete Flooring typical perimeter column detail installed prior to the casting of the cast instu concrete floor slab. Steel plate is welded to the flange of the steel column and positioned on an angle to allow for the shrinkage of the newly laid concrete floor.


How not to isolate a column

A compressible expansion foam is then fixed to the steel plate to allow a flu isolation and enable the slab to shrink freely. The steel plate itself is installed by the Nationwide Concrete Flooring floor preparation team using the same datum level and laser equipment, thus ensuring consistent levels between each column.If you are interested in us offering you a competitive price for the column isolation system in conjunction with the other finite detailing carried out by Nationwide Concrete Flooring then please contact 01405 704722 and ask for the estimating department.

steel profile 2

This photograph shows the column surround detail once concrete has been cast and power floated up to it by the nationwide concrete flooring concrete and powerfloat finishing teams. As you can see the column surround concrete has been cast insitu to the exact same level as the main concrete floor itself. From a short distance the miothene and steel plate are not even visible as everything happens simultaneously during the process including the spray curing of the diamond cure hard curing compound. Not only is this more accurate in terms of overall level control but also far more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to column surrounds cast I prior to the main warehouse concrete floor being laid. When the columns are poured independently not only are the levels all over the place but also the concrete finish always looks variable including the surface finish as powerfloats have never been used. With the nationwide concrete flooring system small 900mm diameter mosquito powerfloats are used to float right into the perimeter edge of the concrete by the steel column.

Nationwide concrete flooring column detail cast within slab

Poorly maintained floors can also play havoc with forklift maintenance costs owing to damaged floor joints and potholes, and there is the additional problem of driver injuries caused by constant jarring. Floor flatness can be another major problem, leading to collisions between trucks and racking.

If starting from a new-build warehouse then the user should realise that floor joints are the greatest cause of problems in a modern warehouse and therefore significant savings can be made by reducing the number of joints across the whole floor. Warehouse users, therefore, might wish to ponder on ‘jointless’ steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slabs which contain no sawn-induced joints. Only metal armoured joints with heavy-duty load transfer systems are installed at the perimeter of each day’s pour.
If you would like us to forward a PDF attachment showing the column detail or some more photographs then please do not hesitate to e-mail and one of our sales team will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively please contact the group head office on 01405 704722 and ask for estimating.


Steel joint opened up to allow for shrinkage and now requires sealant to stop debris entering the joint.

Once the steel profile construction joints cast within the floor slab as per the photograph above have fully opened up it is a good idea to seal the joints with a hard sealant in order to minimise any potential breakdown of the edge of the concrete caused by trafficking from mechanical handling equipment. The sealant also stop
debris from entering the joint, which is especially important of the concrete floor slab is within a food factory.At Nationwide Concrete Flooring we like to consider every detail often concrete floor slab design to ensure that our clients are left with the finished article and can use the floor slabs to their full potential. Despite the Nationwide Diamond Group having their own industrial concrete flooring repair division we make every effort to detail our cast instu concrete floor slabs for longevity as well as aesthetics.


If you look at the timber shutter edge which is forming a ramp, there is a stainless steel C-section type joint pre-installed. Concrete is cast up to the stainless joint and the shear studs grip into the slab. This joint is set at the required finished floor level and is designed to protect the edge of the concrete floor slab once the timber shutter has been removed. This not only leaves an excellent edge detail in terms of aesthetics but also helps protect the brittle edge of the concrete floor slab.

Permaban steel floor joint with full armoured protection


Signature joint installed in a large new warehouse by the Nationwide Concrete Flooring team to provide full load transfer and protection to the edges of the concrete slab. The Signature joint is quite new within the concrete flooring market place and Nationwide Concrete Flooring has already used the joint on numerous industrial concrete floor warehouse projects throughout the country. The new profile of the floor joint improves longevity when trafficked by fork lift trucks in comparison to the more traditional flat plated steel profile

The steel rail acts as a day joint for the concrete flooring contractor between pours. The joint protects the edge of each slab instead of using old-fashioned timber shutters, that are stripped the following day and leave the edge of the concrete unprotected.

Warehouse doorway floor joint interface between internal/external concrete floors




We do not ever want to have to repair something that has been of our own lack of detailing or effort as not only is not ethical but it wouldn’t agree with our long-term business aim of 100% repeat custom. Should you be interested in any of our concrete floor slab permanent joint solutions or any other interesting floor slab detailing then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722 or simply email and we will be happy to discuss with you.

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