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Concrete Floor Cleaning Solutions

At Nationwide Concrete Flooring  we are experts at concrete floor cleaning and we appreciate the cleanliness and appearance of your concrete floor slab can be paramount to both your business and overall perception of your companies image.

  • Industrial, retail and commercial concrete floor cleaning is generally performed by our specialist equipment and driven by our experienced operators.
  • Ride on machines for large areas
  • Walk behind machines for awkward access
  • Cleaning contracts for maintenance
  • Floor re sealing stops the concrete floor from dusting and increases abrasion resistance up to 30%

The benefits of industrial and retail concrete floor cleaning means the floor is cleaned much more ‘in-depth’ leaving it in a spectacular gleaming condition. After the completion of a concrete floor clients may wish to consider having it professionally cleaned. We can therefore offer this alongside our other concrete flooring services to provide a full package for our customers.

If your warehouse concrete floor slab is showing signs of constantly generating dust this can create a major problem when storing products for retail use or mechanical equipment. At Nationwide Concrete Flooring we have developed a system to clean and then re – seal the concrete floor slab to minimise the amount of dust generated from the concrete surface itself. As a precautionary measure we sometimes apply the floor re sealing product numerous times, especially if the concrete is considerably old.

If warehouse operators, for example, rely on nothing more than mops and buckets to clean floors then forklifts could skid on them while floors are still wet, colliding with personnel and pallet racking. Any sizeable warehouse should consider using scrubber/drier machines that leave floors instantly dry after each pass and they are vastly more productive than mops and buckets. Such machine buyers today are spoilt for choice over the wide range of pedestrian/ride on cleaners tailor-made to cope with awkward corners and tight spots, and for those floors with deeply-embedded soiling by oils, etc, there are scarifiers for the most stubborn of contaminated surfaces.


Many distribution centres carry out their operations throughout the day, this resulting in a lot of our contracts being carried out either during the night or on weekends. At Nationwide Concrete Flooring we try to accommodate the logistic requirements of the clients wherever possible. If your current warehouse floor slab is suffering from concrete floor paints which are beginning to peel from the surface and look unsightly then we can also assist in the removal of this paint and the re sealing of the concrete floor.

If you believe your floor is too dirty to clean or has paint or bitumen on it prehaps our Concrete Grinding service maybe of some use to you. To view information on our Concrete Grinding service please click here

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