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Laser Screed 3.0XD

When carrying out the casting of new concrete floor slabs in confined areas, either working under mezzanine floors or concreting in conjunction with mobile pumps, the Somero Copperhead 3.0 XD laser screed is the ideal machine for the job. Nationwide Concrete Flooring has owned and operated the Somero machine since 2008 and has carried out the creation of many high quality concrete floor slabs, regularly achieving flatness tolerances to the standard of FM2 as per TR34.

Alongside the Nationwide Concrete Flooring skilled workforce, the Somero laser screed 3.0XD  is capable of achieving flatness tolerances of FM2 to Technical Report number 34. Concrete is laid, levelled and compacted using the built in screed head and vibrators. The laser receivers ensure the screed head remains level and a smooth even finish is left at the surface of the concrete in preparation for powerfloating.

Laser Screed 3.0xd

Somero Copperhead laser screed lays 2,400m2 to FM2 tolerance in just one day, in Birmingham, West Midlands


Now this was long day in the life of the concreting team at Nationwide Concrete Flooring.  The newly refurbished Somero Copperhead 3.0Xd was working at its full limitations in conjunction with the fully certificated concreting operatives at the company. In total 380m3 of concrete was poured at this warehouse floor slab in Birmingham, from 5.00am in the morning until 6.45pm at night. The floor slab design required 2 layers of chaired re bar mesh within the design due to extremely heavy loading requirements requested by the client. Ready mixed concrete supplied by Cemex Materials UK Ltd had their truck mixers on overtime trying to keep up with the supply rate required by the concrete flooring contractors and also in order to feed the small and manoeuvrable Somero machine during the concrete floor laying process. Once the concrete floor slab powerfloating process was complete on this Birmingham project, the saw cut joint installation team commenced work at 5.30am the following morning to ensure joints were installed at the correct time to prevent spalling.

Other advantages of the Somero Laser Screed 3.0XD include easy transportation as the machine comfortably fits into one of the companies vans or specially adapted trailer.  This allows NCF to remain competitive on smaller concrete pours, yet still turn out a quality flat floor. Building sites with tight access restrictions such as low doorways or openings can still be laid cast instu using laser screed technology due to the versatility of the laser screed.




Laser Screed 3.0 XD Secifications-

Overall Width: 123” – Head (312 cm), 36” – Standard Tires (91 cm), 48” – ATV Tires (122 cm)Overall Length: 9” (274 cm)

Overall Height: 43 ½” – without masts (110.5 cm)

Ground Clearance: 11” under frame (28 cm)

Weight: 865 lbs (386 kg) with 10” Head Assembly

Engine Type: 4 stroke with 1 cylinder, air cooled

Power: 13.5 HP @ 3600 rpm (10.1 kw)

Vibrator Head: Hydraulic vibrator, 3000-5500rpm

Daily Output: Maximum 350m³ per day (average), Circa 2,500m² maximum
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Somero Copperhead laser screed for laying concrete floor slabs in awkward areas and or or pre set re-bar and mesh.

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