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Laser Controlled Sub Base Preparation

Included in Nationwide’s concrete flooring services is the Laser Controlled Sub Base Preparation service, the installation of the final layer of sub base utilising our laser guided sub base leveller. This equipment uses the very latest in laser technology in order to achieve extremely tight tolerances and achieve vast daily outputs.The word ‘subgrade’ refers to the soil below the sub base. The sub base is the finely graded completable material between the subgrade and the concrete. Geotechnical engineers typically are contracted

Laser controlled sub base leveller laid and compacted this areas of 3,500m2 in Doncaster over just two days using quality graded hardcore trimming material. This works in perfect tandem with the laser screed concrete levelling machine which actually laid the concrete floor slab in Doncaster over just two days. Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s finishing team then worked throughout the night to leave a beautifully smooth and flat powerfloated concrete finish. The warehousing operator in Doncaster was extremely pleased with the quality of the accuracy of the concrete floor slab and has confirmed a repeat order for next year

Laser controlled sub base leveller lays and compact 3,200m3 over a two day period prior to the laser screed concrete flooring contractor Nationwide Concrete Flooring laying a laser screeded concrete floor slab in Anlaby, Hul, East Yorkshire. The quality of the stone trim min machine resulted in zero concrete wastage which enhances the performance of the structurally reinforced concerts floor slab itself an also aids shrinkage efrom both perimetere and joints


Once the sub base has been levelled by the laser controlled machinery we compact the stone using the vibrating roller. A good quality stone material leaves an excellent working platform for us to lay the concrete floor slab over.

















The sub base is a critical part of the construction process as this provides a working platform for construction activity and is used to transmit the load from the floor slab to the subgrade.Sub base levelling equipment used by concrete flooring contractors based in Howden near York in Yorkshire.Our experienced workforce can achieve tolerances of at least plus or minus 5mm from the overall datum using this laser controlled machinery. This not only minimises any potential waste of ready mixed concrete but also provides an excellent working platform during the concrete process. A level sub base enhances the long term performance of the concrete floor slab as the concrete can shrink more evenly without restraint. This reduces the chance of shrinkage cracking occurring over the life span of the concrete floor slab.The settlement and differential settlement of concrete slabs is a serious problem, and although they reflect on concrete, they aren’t caused by the concrete. They stem from failures of the subgrade or the sub base. Installing sub base properly is just as important as placing and finishing concrete and using the right mix design.To enquire further about our laser controlled sub base preparation service please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here

The laser guided sub base levelling and preparation machinery can also be used to grade the final layer of stone material for external slabs as well as internal floors. Nationwide Concrete Flooring supervisors set the laser equipment to work on straight grade falls so that the external yard will still allow surface water to reach the perimeter and or the drainage systems installed.The gradient fall required is fixed into the lasers and the sub base machinery still works in the same manner and with the same accuracy as with a flat internal floor slab. The machinery will also work well with a crushed recycled concrete material providing adequate fines content to allow binding during compaction. Depths of up to 100mm of recycled concrete can be laid in one pass which allows the levelling team to comfortably achieve 1,500m2 of area per day.

Rigorous compaction of the sub base by Nationwide Concrete Flooring the concrete flooring contractors offering the whole package.Laser guided sub base levelling by Nationwide Concrete Flooring the Yorkshire based concrete flooring contractors in Hull, East Yorkshire.


Nationwide Concrete Flooring laser guided sub base levelling equipment, capable of achieving level tolerances of +/-5mm from overall datum point. Please see video clip for a brief view on how the sub base levelling machine operates.

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