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Joint Sealants Instant Seal 101 & 102

Concrete floor joints are provided in concrete floors to allow for drying shrinkage, temperature changes and crack control. Filling these concrete floor joints with Instant Seal 101 joint sealant will help increase the longevity of the concrete floor slab. The selection of the Instant Seal joint sealant depends on the width and the age of the joints within the concrete floor slab.

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Instant Seal 101 saw cut joint sealant installed over two years ago in a warehouse concrete floor slab

Nationwide Concrete Flooring recommend using their Instant Seal 101 for saw cut induced contraction joints. Instant Seal 101 is an expandable joint filler used to seal saw cut joints on both internal and external concrete floor slabs. Its unique and purposefully designed balloon shape enables it to maintain position within the joint without slipping or creeping from its intended placement.

Instant Seal 101 provides the client with a unique selection of features:

  • Prevents ingress of debris which could damage the joint.
  • Supports the joint arris whilst allowing movement.
  • Variety of sealants depending on width of joint and age of concrete slab.
  • Instant Seal has no curing time for early trafficking.
  • Quick installation.

Instant Seal joint sealant for sawn induced joints by nationwide concrete Flooring nationwide concreting contractors.

The sealing of joints within concrete floor slabs should be maintained and replaced as required as they may debond depending on the environmental conditions and the ongoing temperature changes which cause the concrete slab to expand and contract. Nationwide Concrete Flooring can offer a long-term monitoring and maintenance service for both your joints and sealants.
These saw cut induced contraction joints were sealed with Instant Seal 1010 joint sealant a year ago. As you can see from the photograph the sealant has held up perfectly within the joint even though the floor slab has shrunk 6 millimetres at the joints themselves. If you would like more data on the capabilities of Instant Seal 101 then please do not hesitate to contact our concrete sales department on 01405 704722.


Instant Seal joint sealant in a warehouse concrete floor slab in Leeds, installed three years ago and still looks as good as new.

The Instant Seal joint sealant for saw cut induced contraction joints is installed by the Yorkshire based concrete flooring contractors as soon as the saw cut joints have been carried out. The joint sealant is not designed to last for any great period of time, especially when the slabs shrink and move during the early stages of their lives, but in many cases we are finding that the joint sealant is still performing superbly. The balloon like profile to the joint sealant caters for movement of the floor joints up to 8mm, which in most cases is adequate dependant upon concrete pour sizes and
reinforcement types used in the design and construction of the concrete floor slab itself. As previously mentioned, Nationwide Concrete Flooring offer the installation of the Instant Seal joint sealant as part of the full package within the cast instu concrete floor slab solutions. We may be a Yorkshire based concrete flooring contractor but we carry out the design and construction of concrete floor slabs all over the country.

Sealed joints in busy warehouse with Instant Seal 101

The joints in this warehouse in Sunderland are heavily trafficked daily by this car parts manufacturer and are still in excellent condition after 16 months use.


Please also note that the Instant Seal can and is also used by Nationwide Concrete Flooring for the use of repairing joints in existing concrete floor slabs. If you would like further information on the repair of industrial concrete floor joints in existing floor slabs and our concrete repair floor solutions then please do not hesitate to contact one of our estimators on 01405 704722 or alternatively e mail

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