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Internal Cast Insitu Flooring

Nationwide Concrete Flooring cover every aspect of your internal concrete flooring requirements from the design to the construction and the maintenance of the slab.We carry a wide range of concreting equipment ranging from laser screeds, powerfloats to saw cutting equipment. We class ourselves as one of the most versatile internal concrete flooring contractors in the market place, carrying out a wide variety of concrete floor slab installations.

  • Traditional mesh reinforced concrete floor slabs
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors – Please see our steel fibre section
  • Mezzanine concrete floor slabs
  • Overlay slabs – please see our overlay section
  • Laser screed applications
  • Innovative design methodology
  • Dry shake surface hardeners (see our dry shake section)
  • Steel fibre jointless floor solutions (see our Steel fibre section here)
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steel fibre reinforced jointless concrete floor slabs are another product which Nationwide Concrete Flooring frequently offer to clients. The benefits clients receive from having jointless floor slabs are many and should you require further information on their benefits then please contact our sales department on 01405 704722 or via the contacts page on the website.

We pride ourselves on tendering, designing and building the best solution for the job rather than the cheapest. Our expertise in concrete installations allows us to offer the right design technology for each specific job. Discussion at the early stages of a project is always the key to its success.

Our design and engineering team will give guidance on reinforcement and slab depth along with joint layout and tolerance requirements for our flood pour method.

We are capable of achieving extremely accurate flatness tolerances using flood pour methods and utilising our SXP – D laser screed concrete levelling & compacting machine in conjunction with our highly skilled and experienced labour force. Tolerances of FM2, FM3 and FM4 as per TR34 Fourth edition have been carried out by us on numerous occasions. For further details on what type of flatness tolerance you require please see below-


  • Reach trucks operating at 8-13m without side-shift.

FM3- Retail floors to take directly applied flooring. Reach trucks operating at up to 8m without side-shift. Reach trucks operating at up to 13m with side-shift.

FM4- Retail floors to take applied screeds. Workshops and manufacturing facilities where MHE lift heights are restricted to 4m.

How The Flatness Is Measured

The 3m grid of level readings and the level differences (Property E) should be presented in relation to the building layout. Property E values exceeding the 95 percentile limits should be highlighted.

The location of the property  F runs should be shown and linked to the Property E grid. Property F values should be presented for each run with values exceeding the 95 percentile limits highlighted.

When The Floor Is Not Fully In Tolerance

Where the required property limits are exceeded, it is recommended that the individual measurements are examined in the detail to determine the significance of any possible effect on the performance of a floor. Remedial actions will affect the appearance of the floor.

Floor Flatness In Defined Movement Areas

scan2Defined-movement is most commonly associated with very narrow aisles (VNAs). In these aisles, the surface regularity of the floor is a critical factor in the performance of the MHE.

If the precise positions of the aisles are not known at the time of floor construction , it is not appropriate to specify the surface regularity of the aisles as defined-movement areas.

These survey methods are used for MHE pathways and have no relevance to the areas of floor under the racking. Areas away from racking such as goods in and out and transfer areas should be regarded as free-movement areas.

Figure 3.7 shows the static lean and how the variation in floor level across an aisle between the wheel tracks of a truck is magnified at the top of the mast in direct proportion to its height. Variations in level also induce dynamic movements in the mast that can significantly magnify the static lean.

scan-1Our internal concrete floors range from ground bearing floor slabs to suspended floors to concrete overlays on existing floors and concreting to metal decking. Using our laser screeds we are able to screed flat and vibrate smooth the concrete in one pass, thus minimising time and maximising the volume output per day.

To enquire further about our internal concrete flooring service please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here

We can also apply various different colours to the surface of the concrete. Find out more on our Dry shake coloured concrete floor toppings page.

this short video shows the Property II metre (Property F as of TR34 4th edition) surveying one of our floor slabs in Middlesborough. The machine digitally measures and records the elevational difference between two consecutive measurements of elevational difference, each over 300mm.
On completion of the floor survey, results are downloaded and a report on the levelness and flatness of the floor slab can be analysed. For various reasons dependant upon the occupiers requirements, floor levelness and flatness can be critical to the smooth running of warehouses and distribution centres. Should you require further details on floor flatness whether it be on an existing concrete floor slab or a new cast instu concrete floor you are requiring then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The subject of floor tolerances and levels is discussed and managed by Nationwide Concrete Flooring in conjunction with our clients on a daily basis.


Sports hall concrete floor slabs by Nationwide Concrete Flooring


Nationwide Concrete flooring carry out the concrete flooring for new sports hall buildings throughout the country. This photo here shows the new state of art facility at Derby University. The floor slab area for the new sports hall was laid using the laser screed flooring machine to the FM3 floor tolerance as per the concrete society Technical Report 34 in only 2 days. For more details on sports hall concrete floor slab systems, please contact the concrete flooring contractors of choice Nationwide Concrete Flooring on 01405 704722 and ask for Adam Brown or Claire Morrow.


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