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External Cast Insitu Concrete Flooring

Nationwide Concrete Flooring carry out external concrete flooring with various different types of structural reinforcement in order to provide clients with suitable hardstandings. Floor slab design and surface finish is discussed with client/end user to provide a product fit for purpose. As a concrete flooring contractor with the skills and machinery to set up external falls we can also carry out the final sub base levelling using our laser guided sub base levelling machine. Once the sub base has been completed we can also carry out fast track construction methods of concrete pouring utilising one of our laser screed concrete levelling and compacting machines. This machinery and knowledge from the concrete flooring contractor allows concrete to be poured quickly and thus minimising the mount of construction joints which are more likely to break down during trafficking. For details on our external concrete flooring systems please contact us


Long strip traditional flooring

Our constant attention to detail in both the planning and construction process allows us to minimise potential risks for our clients. We assist in the specification/procurement of concrete and other materials. We offer input into the design of the actual concrete floor slab which also includes the layout of the joints and the falls.

To achieve a quality durable concrete hard standing certain aspects must be taken into consideration. This begins with the quality of the ground. Once the subgrage is of a good standard the sub base is constructed on top of this formation. For information of the sub base please visit our sub base page.

Concrete is the ideal material for the construction of external hardstandings as it provides a hard wearing surface which enables surface water to drain well at low gradients. These falls should be deigned and layed to external drainage channels. Concrete can be easily textured to offer skid resistance to both pedestrians and vehicles.

Precise detailing at all intersections such as manholes, kerbs and linear drainage channels are made to prevent any cracking within the bays. As external slabs are exposed to many freeze-thaw cycles great care needs to be taken regarding the quality of the concrete and the falls within the slab. Air entrainment or poly fibres should be used to help when the slab expands and contracts. Correct falls should be installed to prevent ice forming on the slab in freezing temperature.


The initial pouring of the concrete for the external paving


The concrete has been laid,compacted and levelled


The brush finish has been applied to the external concrete floor










Pumping concrete externally to falls by Yorkshire based concrete flooring contractor


When access is difficult and the readymixed concrete has to be pumped a lot of care and attention must take place in order to ensure a quality end product.

Concrete used for external concrete floor slabs should always contain an air entrainment additive or have a very high cement content to cater for the freeze thaw action of the concrete. When pumping readymixed concrete this can prove difficult to maintain consistency in terms of air entrainment and workability to ease placement.











The pictures show the transformation from a field into a 2000m2 external concrete hardstanding. The slab was constructed over a three day period from start to finish using flood pour methods of construction.


Our unique “rough pan” finish to this industrial concrete floor slab provides a hard wearing surface that provides traction control in the wet and lasts a lot longer than a more traditional brush surface finish.










Nationwide Concrete Floorjng appreciate that Doorway interface detailing is always the most important section of any logistics operation

Nationwide Concrete Flooring appreciate that Doorway interface detailing is always the most important section of any logistics operation



As an experienced concrete flooring contractor, we at Nationwide Concrete Flooring appreciate the difficulties during concrete placement and also providing a qualityexternal floor with the required surface finish. Concrete suppliers should be aware of how the concrete is being placed and with what different types of concrete flooring equipment used. Concrete floor slab depths and volumes needed for daily pours should also be taken in to consideration, including the distance from the readymix plant and the predicted ambient temperatures during placement. Contraction joint and expansion joints are
also crucial to success of the external concrete floor slab as sometimes unnecessary and complicated detailing of joint types hinders construction considerably.If you would like yo talk to one of our concrete floor designers about the practicalities of laying and constructing new external or internal concrete floor slabs, then please do not hesitate to contact our estimating department on 01405 704722 or simply e mail sales@nd-group.comTo enquire further about our external concrete flooring service please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here


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