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Dry Shake Surface Hardeners

Nationwide Concrete Flooring specialise in the application of natural and coloured dry-shake surface hardener for newly laid concrete floors, using Dry Shake Coloured Concrete Floor Toppings.

These floor toppings are applied to the surface of the concrete to improve the durability and the appearance of the finished floor surface. The benefits of using a dry-shake hardener are:

  • Extend the life of your floor with superior abrasion and impact resistance
  • Built in permanent colour that will not fade
  • Reduce energy costs with light reflective formulations
  • Smooth and slip resistant finishes and large colour selections offer design flexibility
  • Increased resistance to oil & grease penetration provided by the high density surface
  • Ideal for waste recycling centres as dry shakes  increase lifespan of the floor surface due to enhanced floor toughness
  • abrasions resistants capabilities of both AR1 and “special” category as per TR34 2013 dependant upon material type selected
photo (2)

Green dry shake coloured floor with metallic hardener for
increased wear resistance for new warehouse floor replacement in Petrerlee

Dry-Shake Toppings are applied to the fresh wet concrete surface prior to the process of powerfloating, this produces a floor surface which is monolithic with the base concrete slab and provides the required water:cement ratio to ensure a high performance, abrasion resistant surface.

They are available in many different colours, enabling co-ordination with other internal finishes and matching with corporate identity, offering a decorative and interesting alternative to plain grey concrete, along with increasing abrasion resistance to improve longevity of the surface of the slabs. Coloured concrete toppings provide fast-track, ultra-performance floors which are cost effective when compared to other flooring methods such as painting or epoxy resin.
– Sika Syntop tile red dry shake topping on power floated concrete floor slab, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Here at Nationwide Concrete Flooring we consider the use of Coloured Concrete Dry-Shake Surface Hardeners an exceptional product to provide a great floor performance for years to come. In modern day retailing and warehousing where long term sustainability, life cycle costs and energy saving measures are required. NCF’s coloured dry-shake floors can be of major benefit.

Warehouse floor for a new supermarket in Darlington with Rocland Permaban natural dry shake topping to increase abrasion resistance

Nationwide will work closely with the concrete supplier to make sure the mix design is suitable for the placement method of concrete. Particular attention will be paid to the concrete mix when using a dry-shake prior to laying to consider any issues such as late bleeding etc.

Nationwide have the experience in laying new concrete floor slabs with dry-shake surface hardeners and will help with technical support throughout your project.
Mid grey colures dry shake topping and surface hardener with nationwide Diamond Curehard dust sealing agent.

Dry Shake Finishes

Our Coloured Concrete Dry-Shake Surface Hardeners come in a variety of different colours and shades. Please take a look at some of our previous work and colours we have used. If your choice of colour is not in our list then don’t hesitate to call us today to see how we can help you achieve your desired finish.


The above photograph shows a dry shake topping being applied to the surface of the concrete. The dry shake itself contains alloy in order to make the floor extremely abrasive and hard wearing.



The above photograph shows the dry shake sprinkle topping being power floated into the surface of the concrete floor using the “ride on” powerfloats



Completed concrete floor slab with alloy dry shake sprinkle topping fully incorporated into the floor for this new waste recycling facility



Jointless steel fibre reinforced Light grey dry shake



To enquire further about our dry shake coloured concrete floor toppings please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here

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