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Concrete Slab Removal and Replacement

Nationwide Concrete Flooring specialise in the removal and or replacement of concrete floor slabs. We carry out the full deconstruction process using large floor cutting saws, pecker attachments and hydraulic breakers. We also have a concrete crushing facility to enable materials to be recycled easily. We manage the entire deconstruction including removing the concrete slabs from site, utilising either our low loader or skip loading vehicles. We have previously carried out floor slab removal contracts in the most awkward locations from basements to live factories.Rely on our expertise to replace the existing floor slab with our experienced concrete flooring operatives and wide range of concrete flooring equipment.

  • The removal of a concrete slab could be for many reasons:
  • Damaged concrete surfaces
  • Installation of lift pits
  • Increased loading requirements of the existing concrete slab
  • New staircase foundations
  • Installation of piled foundation
  • Tenant/occupier altering usage of floor slabs
  • To eliminate hygiene risks or other types of contamination
  • Flood damage may be to such an extent that the sub base beneath the slab has been undermined due to flooding hence requiring the floor to be replaced
  • To remove and replace damaged or sunken drainage gulleys and linear drainage channels

When carrying out a full depth concrete slab removal and replacement a lot of consideration is taken into making the designated working area safe, erecting both safety equipment and lighting. Due to noise problems related to the removal of any concrete floor slab it may be necessary to carry out works throughout the evening or night to avoid any disruption during the day to your business.

Once the concrete slab has been cut into small sections, lifted onto the low loader and removed from site to a local waste recycling facility. Nationwide then can carry out the replacement process-

  •  The subbase is regraded and compacted using Nationwide’s laser controlled subbase compact leveller.Steel dowel bars are installed using the drill and dowel system.
  • Depending on suitability for the floor slab design a reinforcement type is selected, whether it be steel fibre or steel fabric reinforced we have the facilities to be able to design using both different types of products.
  • The concrete is then laid and levelled using one of our laser screed machines.
  • Either hand held or ride on powerfloats are used to provide the suitable finish to suit the clients chosen preference.
  • The following morning saw cut joints are induced and sealed immediately after, using our Instant seal 101 joint sealant.

If you would like to see the extensive list of customers we have previously carried out concrete floor slab removal and replacement work for then please drop us a line on and we will gladly send you some references. We also offer stand alone concrete floor slab saw cutting services as well as offering the whole package. If you would like us to saw cut the concrete floor only and leave the rest of the work to you then this can also be arranged. One thing we would like to point out is the hassle of cutting, removing and then transportation of the concrete floor slabs. Nationwide Concrete Flooring offer clients and contractors and seamless one stop shop for the removal and replacement of concerts floor slabs. Our “in house” design capabilities mean that we can confirm and warrant cast instu ground bearing and concrete floors suspended on piles utilising either steel fabric mesh or steel fibre design solutions. We also have within the group the very latest technology in Laser Screeds with the Somero SXP –D laser screed concrete levelling machine. Using the laser screed we have poured in excess of 600m3 of concrete including a powefloated finish in just one day. For further details and photographs of the laser screeds please see the laser screed SXP – D and 3.0 XD sections within the services section of the website.

Please also be aware that we have the equipment to also enable the crushing of concrete on site and increase potential to recycle the concrete products for re – use on site or for other clients. Please view our Concrete Cutting Service. 


Heavy steel reinforcement installed prior to concrete being cast for a machine base in Newton Aycliffe


New floor replacing previous external slab to form part of the warehouse extension








We often carry out the removal of concrete in warehouses where new machine bases are required in order to cater for the heavy loading requirements from plant and machinery. In the case of the above photograph a temporary tent was installed around the area to allow us to cast the floor without any concerns from the weather. The above slab was 300mm deep and reinforced with a steel fabric mat system in order to improve installation
times as the clients shutdown period only allowed us access for a period of 10 days.

Before & After


Damaged haulage and storage yard, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire


Completed new concrete floor slab







Similar to to expansion and contraction joints within floor slabs, drainage channels and drainage gulleys also forma weakness within the design of a concrete floor slab and so constantly create maintenance problems for building owners and operators. As well as being able to reinstate or repair concrete floor slab joints, Nationwide Concrete Flooring also has the capabilities of installing new drainage to replace the previously damaged systems. As you can see in the photograph below existing drainage channels had broken down over a period of time due to extremely heavy trafficking. The photograph adjacent shows the new drainage channel complete with with high strength concrete surround. Nationwide Concrete Flooring managed to carry all of this work out without interfering with the clients activities and operations.
















Here we have completed a full external yard removal and replacement. The process started with the removal of the external yard which had cracked and deteriorated excessively over the years. Using our large pecker attachment the concrete is broken down into manageable blocks to allow easy extraction from site. The concrete is broken down and removed using Nationwide’s own concrete removal service.

The new slab was designed fit for purpose to the clients demands, which gave them confidence to continue their busy daily activities. Once the removal process was complete the yard was prepared ready to install the new high strength concrete slab containing all the relevant reinforcement and was finished fit for purpose.

The removal and replacement package is becoming very common and Nationwide Concrete Flooring are excelling in this area. We cover the full removal and installation of the new slab which is all under guarantee so the client can have full confidence in our business and services. For further information please call 01405 704722 or email

Concrete cutting to remove damaged warehouse floor slab by means of full depth diamond saw cutting.

To enquire further about our  concrete slab removal & replacement service please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here

You can read about Nationwide Diamond Group’s Slab removal, processing and replacement here

Concrete Crushing & Recycling

As you can see from the movie clip featured below and on the video section of the website, the glass and concrete crushing attachment purchased by the North East based concrete flooring contractor is extremely portable as it fits onto the “back actor” of the 3CX JCB.Concrete floor slab removal in sections – Nationwide Concrete Flooring removal and replacing services.Nationwide Concrete Flooring floor slab removal and concrete crushing services anywhere in the UK.Once the concrete floor slabs have been cut into sections and moved into a stockpile the crushing and recycling machine grades the material down to approximately 50mm of dust.You can view a video of this concrete crushing equipment in action on our videos page here.Please note that we are happy to carry out the crushing and recycling of concrete anywhere in the UK.Potential clients can view a video of our concrete and waste crusher in action here – Crusher Video 2If you think the concrete crusher can be of use to your business and you are interested in talking to Yorkshire’s top concrete flooring contractor about the possibilities of utilising the equipment for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722, or email us via or

Concrete Dowelling

The Nationwide drilling and dowelling system is ideal for use on building extensions where a detail needing load transfer is required. This not only prolongs the life of the concrete slabs at the interface but also minimises slab curl please see adjacent sketch.

Extensions for existing concrete slabs Drill holes 5mm – 62.5mm in diameter
Concrete joint repairs
Increased production rates of dowel installation
Minimises vibration white finger / health & safety risks
To enquire further about our concrete dowelling service please call 01405 704722

The new mechanized Nationwide concrete drilling and dowelling system allows many different types of round and square dowels to be quickly and safely installed into existing concrete floor slabs, drastically minimising health and safety risks.

The concrete dowelling system does not need to be anchored to the concrete, virtually eliminating any setup time. We simply roll the unit to the drilling location and commence our works.

To enquire further about our concrete dowelling service please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here


Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s Drilling Machine

The above photograph shows one of Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s drilling machines which will safely and accurately drill a hole every minute. These holes create the ideal former in order to install steel dowel bars uniformly which is perfect for new/existing concrete floor interfaces. This particular job in Somerset required an urgent concrete floor removal and replace due to the affects of the flood damage during the winter of 2014. For further detail on Nationwide Concrete Flooring’s wide range of concrete floor services whether they be in Somerset or anywhere else in the country, please do not hesitate to contact or simply telephone 01405 704722 and ask for the estimating department.

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