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Concrete Grinding & Planing

Concrete Grinding

Our Concrete Grinding service is second to none. We offer the service of vacuum assisted diamond grinding for the preparation of horizontal surfaces and levelling of uneven concrete. The removal of coatings and adhesive residue can also be achieved.

Diamond grinding allows us to smooth the concrete so that a good finish is achieved. At the Nationwide Diamond Group we appreciate that any concrete floor slab in a warehouse is of the upmost importance to the building occupier. Some businesses rely heavily on the concrete floor performing both structurally and aesthetically.

  • Narrow aisle grinding
  • Bespoke flatness tolerance grinding
  • General floor surface grinding
  • Concrete floor re sealing to stop concrete dusting
  • Increase in abrasion resistance of refurbished floor by re sealing concrete
  • Concrete floor slab refurbishment
  • Various surface removal including paint, bitumen & tile adhesives.

To inquire further about our concrete grinding services please call 01405 704722

Consultations and surveys including dilapidation surveys are carried out by  our experienced team. Once client requirements have been ascertained, a suitable solution in terms of both cost & time schedules are agreed prior to any work being undertaken.  As a company we are experienced in working unsociable hours in order to cause the minimum of disruption for our clients and building occupiers.

The above video clip shows one of our floor grinders in use. The Diamond tooling attachments gradually remove the top surface of the damaged concrete floor slab. We are trying to create a structurally sound surface to the floor slab by removing the loose material with the purpose of blending the concrete with the rest of the floor to avoid forming large undulations.

To inquire further about our concrete grinding services please call 01405 704722 or complete our inquiry form here

Concrete Planing

Nationwide Concrete Flooring offer a concrete planing and floor multiplane service to remove and texture concrete and other flooring surfaces including paint, grease, line markings and concrete slurry.

Our concrete planing machines are ideal for the removal of coatings and the preparation of concrete. They are also great for the reduction of concrete and are attached to dust suppression systems to help ensure that dust is kept to a minimum and debris can be removed efficiently.

  • Removal of paint, rust, grease, line markings and concrete laitance
  • Cleaning and texturing concrete
  • Concrete reduction and scabbling
  • Grooving applications
  • Removal of waterproof membranes

Yorkshire concrete flooring contractors

We are capable of concrete planing to accurate tolerances in conjunction with our laser equipment, grooving & concrete planing machinery and experienced workforce.

Planing of the concrete surface to remove epoxy floor paint and leave a textured surface finish

Please note that as well as carrying out concrete grinding for the removal of damaged surface coverings or to alleviate deviations within the floor surface, we also have a floor re sealing service. The floors surfaces are initially cleaned and subsequently prepared by the use of the floor grinders and then sealed with a clear coloured liquid floor sealer. The product is reasonably priced in terms of square metre costs and helps minimise dusting
from aged concrete surfaces. For further details please see our cleaning and re sealing section on our website or alternatively contact us on 01405 704722 or simply email

To enquire further about our  concrete planing service please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here

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