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Concrete Floor Slab Overlay

Nationwide Concrete Flooring carries out the concrete floor slab overlay process in the following sequence itemise below:

  • A layer of stone is placed over the  existing concrete slab. This layer acts as a load transfer platform and helps to take out any undulations and level differences within the concrete. The stone layer also means that the new slab can be laid and at even and consistent depth in order to minimise any potential shrinkage restraints.  The transfer layer also eliminates damaged joints and cracks in the existing slab reflecting through to the surface of the new, once loading and trafficking of the slab occurs.
  • A layer of polythene is laid on top of the stone to act as a slip membrane, minimise grout loss and assist in damp proofing. The new slab is then laid, levelled and compacted using one of the Nationwide laser screed machines.
  • Powerfloats are used to provide a suitable polished or slip resistance finish to the floor.
  • The powerfloated concrete is sealed using either a Sika Proseal or Permaban Aquacure spray on curing agent. The curing agents help prevent against a the concrete dusting in the future and also increase the longevity of the concrete floor slabs.
  • Saw cut induced contraction joints are installed at designed centres to control the movement of the concrete floor. Immediately after this process the saw cut joints are sealed using Instant seal 101 joint sealant. The Instant Seal 101 requires no curing time and helps to protect the joint from arris breakdown and debris ingress.

Not all existing concrete is a suitable candidate for a concrete floor slab  overlay. The concrete must be structurally sound, without gapping cracks, severe delamination, or an unstable subbase. Nationwide Concrete Flooring offer a complete concrete slab replacement process and are able to work unsociable hours to suit the client’s needs. Please view our concrete floor slab removal and replacement section.













Nationwide Concrete Flooring attend the premises to carry out initial site surveys and subsequently make recommendations explaining the positives and negatives on concrete floor overlay slabs. Once the plans and sequencing has been finalised, quotation prices for all of the elements of works required are agreed. Nationwide Concrete Flooring carry out the entire flor slab overlay processes “in house” utilising all of their own concrete flooring plant, equipment and labour.
If there is anything you are unsure of and would like to speak to one of concrete flooring estimators and representatives, then please do not hesitate to make you initial inquiry by telephoning 01405 704722 or e mailing us at

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