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Concrete Floor Repairs and Maintenance

Concrete floor maintenance contractors.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors have a lengthy and successful record in completing concrete floor repairs on-time, within-budget and with the highest level of satisfaction for clients in our ten year history. The company has carried out concrete floor repairs across the country and often combines this service with floor cleaning and removal and replacement tasks where necessary.

We work with many building surveyors through the building dilapidation process to ensure that all parties are happy with the condition of the concrete floor slabs. Floor surveys are initially carried out in conjunction with the building surveyors and quotations for the required floor slab maintenance works provided punctually. On completion of the works factory warehouse maintenance programmes are scheduled and put into place allowing building managers comfort within the fact there floors are in good hands.

Production Managers/warehouse Managers and building owners need to be aware that industrial concrete floors are not maintenance free structural elements. All industrial warehouse concrete and external concrete roads and hard standings require maintenance throughout their working lives. The old saying “prevention is better than the cure” is very apt when talking about industrial concrete floor slabs. At Nationwide Concrete Flooring we carry out routine inspections and surveys on numerous warehouse facility concrete floors in order to manage their effective maintenance regime. We highlight what may constitute as a potential problem within the concrete floor and subsequently put cost plans together for the ongoing maintenance budgets to ensure serviceability of the floors continues throughout the processes. The benefits from the ongoing floor maintenance is easily measured in terms of serviceability, decrease in fork lift maintenance costs, increase in speed of fork lifts, decrease in long term floor repair costs, increased life span of the floors and finally and the most important a reduction in accidents. We usually recommend that heavily trafficked areas are inspected by us very 3 – 5 months. Floor repairs are then planned either during shutdown periods or during quieter periods on a night or weekends. The work is then guaranteed by us for an agreed period of time and inspected again at agreed intervals. For further details on our concrete floor maintenance packages and solutions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722 or alternatively e mail us at


We offer free surveys of your warehouse concrete floors and external concrete hardstanding’s along with guidance on what does and doesn’t require remedial attention in order to safely and speedily operate your business. We have extensive knowledge on fork lift trucks and general floor usage in order to provide the most cost effective and long term solution to your warehouse floors.


Nationwide Concrete Flooring carry out the following concrete floor repair services throughout the country:

  • Warehouse floor racking bolt and fixings removal and floor repair contractors
  • Concrete floor grinding contractors
  • Concrete floor planing to alter floor surfaces and reduce floor depths
  • Warehouse floor repairs caused by flooding
  • Construction and expansion joint repair contractors including replacement of new floor joints
  • Concrete floor delamination repair contractors
  • Concrete floor flood repair contractors
  • Joint sealant installation contractors for warehouse concrete floor joints including joint sealant for external yards
  • Warehouse access doorway joint repair and replacement contractors
  • Warehouse floor cleaning contractors following  dilapidation surveys
  • Anti slip floor treatments to concrete surfaces – Chemical ageing to floors to create anti slip floor treatments – anti slip floor treatments to retail lobbies and entrances
  • Steel fibre floor concrete repairs including repairs to dry shake surface hardeners and jointless floor slab repairs
  • Internal and external manhole surround repair detail carried out by floor maintenance contracting team
  • Re- sealing of warehouse floor slabs, dilapidation floor repairs and dust sealing of warehouse floors
  • Repair contractors for concrete floors that are dusting and require planing, grinding and re-sealing
  • Warehouse floor crack repair contractors
  • Construction joint re alignment contractor including full floor joint repair system
  • All types of armoured joint repair systems including major manufactures of warehouse floor joints such as Permaban and Isideo
  • Rocking floor joint warehouse repair contractors
  • Load transfer floor joint repair contractors
  • Concrete floor repair contractors for multimodal operators
  • Warehouse concrete floor repair contractors to the glass industry
  • Distribution centre concrete floor repair contractor
  • Floor repair contractors to many major logistic operations
  • Production Facility floor repair contractors
  • Out of hours concrete floor repair contractors
  • Car factory and automotive concrete floor repair contractor
  • Food factory concrete floor repair contractors
  • Warehouse floor dilapidation survey reports including detailed cost breakdowns for all type of concrete floor repairs
  • Concrete floor dilapidation surveys

Nationwide Concrete Flooring has also become experts in repairing, replacing and removing damaged concrete floors within the manufacturing and automotive parts facilities throughout the country.

Replacing, renewing and or refurbishing a concrete floor slab in a warehouse forms a key part in the building dilapidation process. The importance of the concrete floor slab is paramount to all that occupy the building as everything happens from the flor slab upwards.

Slips and trips, for example, account for more than 40% of workplace accidents, totalling some £512 million and responsible for the loss of 1.3 million working days every year.

If there is a type of internal or external concrete floor repair that we have not mentioned above then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 704722 or and ask for the estimating department and we will endeavour to solve your concrete floor repair problems.


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Would you rather have this?

Warehouse floor joint repairs carried out by Nationwide Concrete Flooring in large distribution centre Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Concrete Floor Repairs – packages offered by Nationwide Concrete Flooring often cover every situation.

Clients needing concrete floor repairs are those experiencing damaged construction joints, floor slab cracking, deteriorating joint sealant and trafficking problems plus a range of other, simpler defects that all have a negative impact on the efficiency of your business. Often, you needn’t consider a total replacement of the floor slab as the concrete floor repairs packages offered by Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors fulfil the requirements of most clients.

Construction/expansion joints tend to be the widest joints on a floor slab as they are designed to accommodate any significant expansion or contraction in the floor slabs. Wide joints attract more impact damage from wheeled traffic and therefore more potential for joint arris failure.

Arris damage can also occur to the cracks and if left untreated further surface deterioration can occur. Most cracks can be repaired quickly and effectively using a semi-rigid repair mortar before grinding smooth.

Repairs can vary in nature but often do not necessitate the total removal and replacement of a floor slab.

Random cracks can occur in any concrete floor, usually during initial shrinkage of the floor, if the floor joints don’t take account of all the movement. If a crack does occur it can start to perform as a joint – opening and closing due to thermal changes in the slabs.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors’ workforce have the experience and knowledge to carry out these concrete floor repairs and maintenance  without disruption to your warehouse operations. All our concrete floor repairs are carried out to the highest standard using modern dust controlled equipment, there is usually no need to protect your stock or remove it from the work area.

If you are a tenant or landlord requiring a cost plan for floor slab repairs ranging from bolt hole fixings following racking removal to construction joint breakdown then please feel free to contact us.

We work alongside chartered surveyors throughout the dilapidations process in order to provide a quick and accurate quotation which also includes timescales for the work required. Once both tenant and landlord have then agreed as to whom is paying for the concrete floor repairs the work is carried out by our trained staff and operatives using the latest equipment and best materials available.

The Nationwide Diamond Group also carry out regular maintenance inspections for existing clients which means spending  amounts of money on an annual or bi-annual basis but saves larger bills longer term from a lack of periodic investment.

To enquire further about our concrete floor repair and maintenance services please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here.

Permaban Signature AR (arris repair) concrete floor joint repair system. Nationwide Concrete Flooring are approved installers of the Permaban Signature AR repair system. The floor repair system designed by Permaban allows vehicles to cross the floor joint in any direction, causing no impact or damage to the joint or vehicle. This means Signature AR provides a once -and – for-all- repair, and is a vast improvement on the original straight joint.

Should you require further details on the Permaban AR concrete floor repair system please do not hesitate to contact us.

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