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Concrete Finishing and Powerfloating

Nationwide Concrete Flooring offers a Concrete Finishing and Powerfloating service. Once the concrete floor slab has been laser levelled the panning of the surface commences using “ride on” powerfloats. These powerfloats are extremely heavy and so densify the concrete matrix. Once the initial panning has been completed the concrete is then heavily power trowelled creating a polished finish.


Traction control improved even when floor is wet due to different power floated concrete surface finish.

  • Handheld & Ride on equipment
  • Rough pan finish Tight pan finish
  • Anti slip surface finishes
  • Fully polished
  • Application of natural & coloured dry-shake toppings
  • All powerfloated slabs are sprayed with Nationwide Diamond Curehard
  • Abrasion resistant floor finishes
  • Modern well maintained, state of the art equipment




To enquire further about our concrete finishing and powerfloating services please call 01405 704722

A wide range of powerfloating equipment is used and maintained by our specialist finishing team in order to provide our client with flat, durable and smooth surface finishes to the concrete. Powerfloated concrete results in a hard wearing finished surface, suitable for high trafficked areas and produces a flat smooth dense finish.

photo 2

Powerfloated industrial concrete floor slab in Leeds

Power float machines are fitted with circular pans to help smooth the concrete before metal blades are rotated over the surface tilt to achieve a hardened surface. Before the concrete can be powerfloated it has to be left to harden, so concrete installed in the morning cannot usually be powerfloated until late afternoon dependent on the mix and outside conditions and usually carries on throughout the night.

During the placing, compacting and levelling of concrete some segregation may occur within the concrete. Some water may bleed to the surface and dilute the cement creating a layer of laitance, powerfloating or further surface finishing is essential to change this into a hard and high strength material which will have a required resistance to abrasion.


Ride on powerfloats are hung from the steel columns to enable us to lower onto the floor slab when the timing is right and the concrete requires finishing.

Abrasion resistance is one of the most important properties of industrial concrete floors. The abrasion imposed on floors vary depending on the type of traffic and operations carried out in the building. This could be from foot traffic and rubber tyres to rolling steel wheels and scratching of pallets. Powerfloating on its own will densify and garden the surface although ‘dry shake’ finishes can be used to improve the abrasion resistance of concrete wearinng surfaces.

The floor surgace must be cured so that the top surface gains as much strength as possible. Curing is important for concrete floors because the surface can dry very rapidly. Nationwide use a spray-applied curing agent which is extremely effective and can enhance abrasion resistance. For more information about our dry shake floor toppings click here.

To enquire further about our concrete finishing and powerfloating services please call 01405 704722 or complete our enquiry form here.

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