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Concrete Cutting


Nationwide Concrete Flooring offer a comprehensive range of concrete cutting services which we can offer alongside our other concrete flooring services. These range from sawn joint installation into new concrete floor slabs, concrete cutting in the repair process of concrete floor joints to full depth concrete cutting services for the removal of concrete slabs.

  • Trained and experienced operatives
  • Saw cut induced contraction joints, including Instant Seal 101 installation
  • Full depth saw cutting of existing concrete slabs
  • Ring sawing service available
  • Concrete floor slab removal and replacement contractors (see our drill & dowell section)
  • Pile cutting

Traditional concrete floor slabs have saw cut induced contraction joints installed approximately every 6 metres in both directions to accommodate concrete shrinkage strains or temperature changes. These saw cuts are placed within the new slab as soon as practicable, nominally 24 hours after the placing of concrete is complete but preferably earlier.

Our concrete floor cutting equipment is highly powered and able to cut through heavily reinforced concrete both internally and externally. If you would like more information regarding the concrete cutting process within the concrete repairs or concrete slab removal services please call us 01405 704722.

Concrete cutting to remove damaged warehouse floor slab by means of full depth diamond saw cutting.

Please view our Concrete Floor Slab Removal & Replacement Service. 

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