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Concrete floor removal, crushing and recycling by Nationwide Concrete Flooring

Once we have removed the damaged concrete floor slabs from the required areas we then recycle the material for other uses. In this case the concrete is being crushed in order to form roadways on a farmyard in Goole.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring as a reputable concrete flooring contractor always look to try and reduce costs for our clients as well as improving our carbon footprint by recycling as many materials as we possibly can. The concrete is removed from sites using the skip loader vehicle and stored at convenient locations for further use as the material is valuable for re use.

Level and flatness survey test of a high tolerance concrete floor slab in Middlesborough by Nationwide Concrete Flooring

This short video shows the Property II metre (Property F as of TR34 4th edition) surveying one of our floor slabs in Middlesborough. The machine digitally measures and records the elevational difference between two consecutive measurements of elevational difference, each over 300mm.
On completion of the floor survey, results are downloaded and a report on the levelness and flatness of the floor slab can be analysed. For various reasons dependant upon the occupiers requirements, floor levelness and flatness can be critical to the smooth running of warehouses and distribution centres. Should you require further details on floor flatness whether it be on an existing concrete floor slab or a new cast instu concrete floor you are requiring then please do not hesitate to contact us. The subject of floor tolerances and levels is discussed and managed by
Nationwide Concrete Flooring in conjunction with our clients on a daily basis.