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Anti Slip Flooring


Nationwide Diamond Group use a chemical treatment to provide an ‘anti-slip’ texture to existing concrete floor areas – we recommend the use of anti slip flooring in entrances to retail units, at fire exit doors or other entrances where wet feet can make a shiny floor surface a dangerous place.
Any concrete surface can be slippery when it is wet or icy, especially sealed concrete in both personnel and access doorways.
Nationwide Diamond Group’s Anti-slip flooring process has many advantages:

  • More durable than an applied surface coating;
  • Superior Slip Resistance;
  • Faster and more economical than other methods;
  • Instantly usable non-slip surface;
  • Easily cleaned;
  • Superior resistance to surface contamination e.g. dirt, oils, chemicals, food etc.



The above photograph shows another solution that Nationwide Concrete Flooring carry out for anti slip concrete surfaces. The concrete to this busy distribution centre is open to the elements and hence flowing rain and or snow the edge of the warehouse becomes extremely wet which subsequently means very slippy. The concrete was power floated originally to densify the surface texture and minimise dust. However, power floated surfaces can be quite dangerous when subjected to water and hence the concrete required a non slip solution from Nationwide Concrete Flooring to help eliminate any accidents for fork lift trucks. The photograph shows small grooves which we have created in the surface of the concrete thus creating traction in the wet for fork lift trafficking. Should be interested in talking to us about any anti slip flooring solution then please do not hesitate to contact one of our estimating team on 01405 704722 or e mail

The number of places to use our concrete etching is almost endless; in fact just about any surface that is walked or trafficked has a need for an anti-slip floor treatment.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors are pleased to unveil the new SCCS – the Slip Control Concrete System using alloy-based dry-shake concrete floor toppings to deliver an improved anti-slip flooring performance for concrete floor slabs. SCCS is crafted by Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors to enhance the suitability of the slab to withstand slippery conditions, meaning anti-slip flooring has never been this easy to obtain.

We carry out the anti slip flooring treatment for clients such as Wickes and B & Q at the lobby entrances where the general public enter the buildings form the outside prior to walking into the main shop areas. The anti slip flooring minimises the chance of people slipping on the power floated concrete floor slabs once they become wet, reducing the potential of claims to the likes of B & Q and also improving on safety for customers.

Why choose SCCS?

The Slip Control Concrete System provided by Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors creates a highly resilient slip resistant surface with high abrasion resistance; the anti-slip concrete flooring can be easily cleaned and works effectively in both wet and dry conditions. On top of this, it does not change the floor level of your premises, meaning those making frequent use of forklifts and other warehouse traffic do not suffer the same high levels of wear experienced with other products.

Maintenance free, environmentally friendly and easy to install, the process can be used to full effect by customers in industrial, commercial and retail backgrounds. No area is too small for the SCCS system to be utilised, including doorways, walkways and loading docks.

SCCS Slip Resistant Flooring

 SCCS  Slip Resistant Resin  Power Floated Concrete
Highly Resilient Slip Resistant Surface YES YES YES
High Abrasion Resistance (Dust Free) YES
Easily Cleaned YES YES
Integral to the Concrete Surface YES YES
Slip resistant in wet or dry conditions YES YES
Process applicable at any time during the life of the surface YES YES
Metal Top Concrete laid at same time as over site concrete YES
No change in floor level – reduces wear on forklifts YES YES
Slip Coefficient can be specified YES YES
Process can be applied at any time during life of surface YES YES
Maintenance free YES YES YES
The process can be graded to suit the usage of the building concerned YES YES YES
Does not require re-application or re-installation YES
Anti-static YES YES YES
Environmentally friendly YES YES YES
Can be produced on coloured form YES YES YES
Speed of installation YES
Process can be completed in specified areas regardless of size dimensions YES YES


 access doorway anti slip floor treatment by concrete flooring contractor Nationwide Concrete Flooring

The above photo shows our anti slip floor treatment at
the entrance to a busy distribution warehouse in Leeds in West Yorkshire.
Access doorways had to be left open due to the nature of the clients
operations and when rain or snow occurred the power floated concrete floor
became extremely hazardous. The sheen from the floor is removed from the
surface of the concrete floor slab and improved traction control is
created by the use of chemically agitating the surface of the warehouse
floor slab. As you can see, no steps are formed and floor levels are not
affected, thus leaving a smooth transition from one section of warehouse
floor slab to the other.


The above photo is Our anti-slip concrete flooring solutions are all delivered
provided utilising our own vehicles and operatives

Anti slip concrete flooring solutions suitable for concrete floor slabs are something that Nationwide Concrete Flooring have a good understanding of in terms of experience and guarantees.

Another option for anti slip concrete flooring which Nationwide Concrete Flooring offer is the cutting of small grooves to the surface of the concrete as shown in the above photograph. The Multi Cut machine installs cuts at close centres 5mm deep and 3mm wide. We also put a cut line in the opposite direction at agreed centres with the client and dependant upon what the anti slip requirements are. By the nature of how the concrete anti slip flooring is created the lifespan is vastly increased in comparison to the more commonly seen floor paints and epoxy coatings. As the saw cuts are so small they are very difficult to damage and or wear out. If the cuts are installed into a high strength power floated concrete floor with concrete strengths of circa 35/40N/mm2 the anti slip finish will last for years.

Anti slip concrete flooring created by installing numerous saw cuts within the floor slab by use of the Multi cut machine owned and operated by Nationwide Concrete Flooring

If you would like some more information on the various types of anti slip concrete finishes we offer please call us on 01405 704722 and ask to speak to one of our estimators with your details. Alternatively e mail us on


If you believe this is the anti-slip flooring solution you need to keep your workforce safe, reduce wear and tear on your warehouse vehicles or simply to improve the consistency of your concrete floor, contact Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors today on 01405 704722.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring Contractors not only specialise in anti-slip concrete flooring, but provide concrete flooring solutions to clients in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors.

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